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The Bit Stream allows you to determine whether the recorded stream contains both video and audio System or only one of these. The DVI connector provides a highspeed digital interconnection between the computer and its display device. The keyboard shortcuts PgUp and PgDn, can also be used to perform this function. Larger values for the motion vector reduce artifacts on rapidly moving objects, but require more CPU power. Press M to mute or restore sound. Select program folder and click Next to continue. Find the proper standard to set the jumper on your TV tuner card, or consult your dealer for more information for TV nywhere only.

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To active this function, you must select the checkbox next to Close Application. Highlight the channel you want to enable or disable as a favorite. Video Sliders Use the smi in this area to adjust: Captured bitmaps are stored in the folder that you assigned for storing recorded and captured files.

Find the proper standard to set the jumper on your TV tuner card, or consult your dealer for msl information for TV nywhere only. Check the box next to Closed Caption, and then you can see the caption. Teletext also broadcasts subtitles better known in the United States as ‘closed captions’ on certain programmes, and news flashes which are overlaid on top of the TV picture. The higher the bitrate, the mso processing power is required to record or playback a file.


Click OK, and then in Video tab click Apply to confirm the modifications you made. Enter a task name. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. It will automatically install the drivers for both VGA card and integrated chipsets.

Check the Storage Property page for more information.

User`s guide | MSI 8606-020

MPEG-2 combines high-quality with compact file sizes. To delete a recorded program, highlight the file name on the program list and click Delete or Delete All to erase all recorded programs. Use the down arrow to select on of the video format options: Gently but firmly press the other end until it is fully seated in the slot.

All installation procedures will be introduced below. When making changes to a Transcode Profile, this setting is grayed out, as the resolution of the file is not changed by the transcode operation. The keyboard shortcuts PgUp and PgDn, can also be used to perform this function. Enter the Program Name.

MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

The operations for other skins will be mentioned later. Connect all necessary cables. Audio Language In some countries, a secondary audio channel might be available. Pressing the Default button will reset the slider values to their original positions. The button will become ,and then will appear.


Please refer to 6. The higher the scan precision is set, the less stations will be received for many stations with weak 88606 are skipped automatically. Some video devices may support such kind of output connector. Select which language channel you want to use by clicking the appropriate radio box.

Left-click the station memory button that you want and hold for one second. Remove the cover from your computer.

MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS-8606 – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

Click the Properties button to open the Properties dialog box. The value and of Fine tune frequency scale will function to the that of Scan frequency scale to the and buttons while buttons.

Use the tune buttons Way 3:

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