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I am still on 4. You can buy intel expict or expipt NIC and disable rombios realtek one’s. Here are 2 ways to check. So after like 5 min i decided to hard reset. After that MB just posted again and restarted.

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Window saying “Please restart application to try again” popped up and everything just froze.

MSI BIOS for MSI Motherboards MS-7681

Home Help Search Login Register. Currently rebuilding my PC: I figured it out: We’re talking about p67 2 years old and a bios SB, so stack at bios-1k5 without support anymore. My ik runs I am still on 4.

Hi pepe, maybe try to flash the official 4. For some reason the board doesn’t like the latest intel microcode for Sandy Bridge. Please login or register.

Now I have to find out what went wrong with my bios. Sorry for my messy grammar but I’m not from an english speaking country: I hope I find this asap. I’ve booted to second BIOS which was updated aswell and working and even booted into windows and after a bit of searching on forums i’ve enabled function to recover the first bios with image of the second one.


P67A-GD65 (MS V) BIOS Bootloop after (failed?) update

They dont have proper tools to reprogram BIOS chips so i really ran out of ideas now: Here are 2 ways to check. I wouldn’t be surprised from an answer like “please update to 4xx and see if the problem still persists”. After a while text showed up with percentage telling that BIOS is updating. I wasnt there but he told me that when he jupered some of these pins nefwork ones in the red circle the BIOS led just started acting out again a then the MB booted up fine.

It actually isn’t B3. Hey, after a day full of trying i’ve finally got the MB working. So after like 5 min i decided to hard reset. I’ll see what the msi-engineers will say to this but don’t expect much. Thnx, that is a serious option to consider.

Anyone have the latest working modded BIOS from this thread saved to their computer that they could re-upload? P so no info for you!


I think that one does flash all the bios parts Yeah, thought about that but I was hoping that theres something I neteork do about nework problem: Intel i5 K Memory: So when I came from the shop i gave it to my friend and hes got it working with the last revision of the bios. Anyone tested oc ability of ? After that MB just posted again and restarted. Please login or register.

I know it’s heavy customized for myself but my latest changes were down to a new mei-code, cpu-code and some extra oroms. All the links look dead. MEI-7 is back there, the 16GB-ram are all detected and run at the specified speed. You can buy intel expict or expipt NIC and disable rombios realtek one’s.

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