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Some notable features include dual power input and optional on-board video. Only a few ports like serial and parallel have external chips driving them. Some of the capacitors are visibly bulging, a sure sign they are failing. This particular offering from ASUS was obviously a commodity board with sockets for the older but cheaper main memory, the lower chip count and small form factor. The ATX standard is superior in terms of electrical safety, and cannot be connected incorrectly. The utility allows you to select the Front Side Bus frequency of your system, as well as tweak the core voltage from 2. Although the RedHill guide says the graphic performance was reasonable compared to low-end cards.

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All graphics processors have to actually output to a screen at some point, and this requires reading the entire frame buffer and outputting appropriate data to the ms6153.

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With dual processors and the ability to use high-end workstation graphics this would have suited the task quite well with a few caveats. Lets consider a rendering 2., where the GPU needs to render a number of polygons into the frame buffer. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Luckily the front panel jumpers are labeled, and the voltage selection for the CPU is labeled.

The Mother Board

After all on-board graphics is all about reducing the cost. I found the manual for this board fairly quickly but was surprised to not find it on the ASUS website. Not so much a technical achievement, but interesting to see. They are basic high speed static RAM ks-6153, with the brains of the caching mechanism being embedded within the chipset.


Microstar MS-6153 Socket-370 BX Preview

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. It had something like 16Mb, but probably could have taken more. It would probably suite running something like NetBSD which tends to require much less resources and can take advantage of the second processor.

It seems they were one of the first to offer over-clocking as a feature quite early in the history of PCs.

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Luckily, if you happen to be vef hard-core gamer type, MSI offers the on-board sound as an vef, and you can knock a few bucks off the final cost by opting to stick with the plain board and no on-board sound. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Do this 60 times a second and you get , bytes per second or about ms-6513 Neither Windows NT or Windows had as much support as the more consumer oriented Windows 9x series, so software and hardware support either cost more, or was simply non-existant.

I used this board for some time running debian linux as a basic file server and web cache, it performed quite well at the time, but that was some time ago and I doubt a modern Linux distribution would run well now. This particular model was made around mid to late judging by date codes, putting it fairly later in the life of the socket 7 standard.

Wireless technology had yet to really evolve into what it is today, and a cheap and simple technology commonly used was infrared, still used today in TV remote controls. The newer memory would have been more expensive per Megabyte, so excluding the sockets was probably not a big deal for cost minded consumers.

They were beginning to require much more power, a problem which was later solved with a direction power connection on the graphics card.


Like many Socket 3 boards, this one will take both 3.

Microstar MS Socket BX Preview

This can have the vfr of starving the main CPU of memory bandwidth forcing it to run slower than it could have otherwise and vice-versa. In use they usually proved to be slower and less reliable than just using a cable. The graphics card basically contains everything on the right, with the IO interface being the only means of communication with the computer.

There are not too many jumpers to configure, and those that are present have a silkscreen label to aid setting them.

Some notable features include dual power input and optional on-board video. Around the main chips are some of the reference silk-screen, which are quite handy, but are unfortunately quite distant from the jumpers they are a reference for!

The processor is a pretty bog standard Mhz Pentium that performs surprisingly quite well. This board was donated to me quite some time ago, and luckily it works.

The main annoyance is with the silk screen reference being so distant from the jumpers, and not having very descriptive names. Gough’s Tech Zone Reversing the mindless enslavement of humans by technology. These final two images are of the processor that is installed and the two main ms-6135 of the chipset.

In service this probably would have been quite a good board and would have been capable of carrying some of the more cutting edge processors for the time.

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