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Play around with different methods of booting the box with FW attached. MPEG-4 channels don’t work with 0. Great for me as I tend to forget what I was doing Apple gets what it pays for Review: No 5c channels YET. TM backup via Ethernet. Note that I was unable to capture certain channels as the content on them seems to have some sort of DRM.

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Pre Command and click on it.

Now that the software and drivers are installed you are ready for some firewire captures. Unfortunately, I think that problem is TWC related. Click on Yes if Update Driver Warning appears. On occasion I have had WindowsXP blue screen and reboot soon after initiating a capture.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

Can’t test premium channels as I don’t subscribe to them. Here is the link, but I will also cut and paste the “How to” below. Set the time required for the live capture should be at least the length of time of the show you want to capture and then select Rec to start the capture. I had problems using the other firewire port and many others reported problems trying to use that one. Connecting via point-to-point was flaky and not as reliable as broadcast.


Firewire Cable Box Compatibility – MythTV Official Wiki

The first time you do this the Found new hardware wizard will come up. If you use firewire and it works or doesn’t please fill in the table below.

If you want to produce a DVD with menus, etc. Click Stop when done recording.

[mythtv-users] Firewire troubles Motorola 6412

I had to modify ch to work with it, I also added the option to power it on and off. Created this page in 0. All SD and HD channels including premium work.

These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: BUP file as well, then exit the tool. Setting a ‘multipass’ scan improves this but adds to processing time significantly. JimMueller on Dec 08, ’07 This is a relatively new HD channel in firewiee lineup too, so I’m hoping that 5C encryption on new channels isnt a new thing with Cox.

My Panasonic DMR-EH can record in widescreen onto DVD-R 6142 by changing a number of settings – it is fairly convoluted it involves turning off DVD-compatible mode in the setup menu, dubbing in real time only, and then using a PC to input the widescreen flag which the recorder fails to do. Click “Open 64412 – control panel”. Under Manufacturer choose Motorola. This does not apply to Canada where CableCard units are not required to be supported by cable companies.


Using the 62xx box I had lots of trouble with glitches every 60 seconds, but this box has been rock solid even with the VIA firewire chipset. If you get an error that capture device cannot be found when starting CapDVHS then exit CapDVHS, unplug the firewire cable, wait a few moments and then plug the firewire motorkla back in again.

Channel motoro,a works with ch. As noted above, when facing the back of the DCT64xx choose the firewire port on the right side left side if facing the front. P2P mode is a dud on this model’s firmware. You can click the Record button now to record what the cable box is sending to the TV.

Hi everybody, I’m new in this forum. You can use ifoedit to change the DVD titleset to start playing motoeola first title automatically instead of going to the menu. I don’t use firewire for recording, just channel changing.

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