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Tue May 03, 2: Yes, I could take the aircard out, but since it’s in eject mode, I have to keep it Gorilla-taped in. May 10, Posts: Yes, I agree a serial server would be the best option, but it’s also the most expensive. I’m a Cisco engineer so am always in serial consoles. I don’t get to play with a lot of networking gear that has serial on it, so maybe that’s my confusion.

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If you are desperate you can use the libftdi driver for direct access, although that won’t work if you can’t modify the client application.

It hasn’t caused a problem yet, and has been rock-solid. Quatech make anything these days? FTDI sucks, we deal with them on a daily basis, fucking awful drivers, they have recently gotten better but still, yuck. Again its a real solution rather than a hack. I could cut away the shroud on the Keyspan or alternately sdrial carry a short M-F DB9 cable, but that’s a pain.

MCS7715 — USB 1.1 to Single Serial and Single Parallel Controller

Sun May 08, 1: Good part is they don’t use an FTDI chip which seems to show up in damn near everything these days. GUCA with the newest drivers from them, works with everything, always has, no glitchyness.


I use it exclusively with OSX and I cannot recall any driver issues, though that doesn’t necessarily help you. I’ll give it a go when it shows up, which I would assume would be Monday order going in tonight and update then. I do use the ‘official’ FTDI driver rather than a specific rebranded driver though.

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Apparently the Keyspan uses a little more than a driver and it keeps the same COM port setting, regardless of which USB port it’s plugged into something I’ve had an issue with, with the Prolific’s, creating multiple COM ssrial depending on which USB port it was plugged into.

So yeah, FTDI it is. Thu May 05, 1: I must be thinking of a different cable.

MCS – USB to Dual Serial Controller | ASIX

I’m using it daily, albeit only with one device. Nov 26, Posts: Keyspans can be annoying to use under Linux. Sep 16, Posts: I’m putting in another Newegg order anyhow, so I figured just add it on.

Fast forward to last week, I moschp two new giant 12″ x 84″ programmable LED signs. I don’t get to play with a lot of networking gear that has serial on it, so maybe that’s my confusion.


The seriial console cables are about as generic as you can get on the DB9 side, nothing crazy. I had some sitecom prolific based adapters where the installer left a corrupt installation. After 3 hours dicking around with different versions of drivers for the USB adapters, thinking there mosdhip something goofy going on with my laptop, I said screw it and took one of the signs home.

Tue May 03, 5: It would look like it detected the hardware and set everything up correctly but not actually send any bytes.

MCS – USB to Single Serial and Parallel Controller | ASIX

Apr 30, Posts: Their stuff is awesome. I’m a Cisco engineer so am always in serial consoles. I agree, normally ExpressCard would be a great solution.

Oct 22, Posts: Nov 14, Posts: I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, but moschkp presented with this problem I normally use one of two solutions:

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