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Apparently no shuffle play although manual suggests there is. And the player also automatically resumes playing where it was when you last stopped it, even if you’ve replaced the battery since then. Apart from that, though, you’re on your own. It would appear that the same actual manufacturer makes both devices; perhaps some exclusive license ran out, or something, and that’s why we’re seeing the thing under the Mobiblu brand now. Also it’s an FM radio, FM and voice recorder.

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This is exactly what happened when I tried the Mobiblu player in my car cassette deck; the deck wouldn’t play, fast-forward or rewind, so I couldn’t use the track-skip feature. You can’t stop it or skip tracks without ejecting it, but at least you get music. Many similar cassette-style MP3 players can be found on eBay, but most of these have a power or audio cable attached which precludes its use in many cassette players 202 an opening can be made for the cable – too awkward.

The Mobiblu batteries are also quality made-in-Japan Yuasa cells; I don’t know what brand of battery the Digisette comes with. Feature list OK – so what’s the same, mobjblu what’s different?

But a lot more people have a use for mic and line in recording. That’s about where the generic MP3 player feature set stops, though. You just start it playing with its regular interface before you put it in the mobibllu deck, and off it goes. Mobiblu’s page for the DAH Cassette adapter sound fidelity isn’t as good as a direct cable connection to the pre-amp, but they generally sound quite a lot better than the common alternative – a flea-power FM transmitter that you strap onto xah sound source, then tune the car radio to.


The Mobiblu player can also record from the radio; when it does, it fixes its volume setting, again to avoid clipping. Voice notes are recorded as 32 kilobit per second AD PCM files, which gives you about 18 hours of voice-note space in the DAH’s player’s internal memory, if you don’t put anything else there.

Mobiblu DAH-220 MP3 player

No LCD display, no joypad, no clickable levers, nothin’. Cassette adapters, in particular, often sound noticeably better than 220 cassettes – no tape means no tape hiss, and because the speed of the tape transport doesn’t affect the signal, there’s no wow or flutter either. If you’ve ever found yourself sticking your finger into a car cassette deck slot to wiggle the tape around for better sound, you’re doing the same thing this slider does.

Was this review helpful? The DAH offers a fallback option for this situation. Both players have an exceedingly minimal interface – four buttons including two two-way rocker switchesone tiny bi-colour LED green and red on the Digisette, blue and red on the Mobiblu Both players have an MMC expansion slot for more memory which comes with a piece of dust-excluding plastic in it.

Pressing the cassette’s mobivlu in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks. Huge numbers of the things have been sold to people who want to hook up their CD or MP3 player, or nobiblu, to a basic car stereo that’s got no line in socket, but does have a cassette slot. The cassette adapter heads on both players work both ways, so you can also record to both players just like a regular tape. I’m a sucker mobibluu devices that connect things together in novel ways, so MP3 cassettes appeal to me on general principles.


On the subject of things that can turn your player into a paperweight, if you want to format either player, you need to use a special utility that comes with them. For everything but voice recording, both players deliver the same results; they encode plain kilobit per second 44kHz constant bit rate MP3 files.

MobiBLU DAH Reviews –

This lets you skip tracks on the Mobiblu, while it’s in dwh tape deck, by doing a brief fast-forward or rewind. And the player also automatically resumes playing where it was when you last stopped it, even if you’ve replaced the battery since then. The idea’s simple enough; install a stereo set of electromagnetic heads Talking in a normal voice from a foot or two away from the DAH gives a very clear result, regardless of the orientation of the player.

Fortunately, though, the DAH has had some considerable updates. I found the Mobiblu worked fine on its mobiblk setting on the decks I tried, though.

It wasn’t very exciting either, though. Still, for playback in the average tape-deck-equipped car, it’ll probably do. Your trust is our top concern. The 44kHz sample rate is, actually, overkill for FM and tape-deck recording.

Apart from that, though, you’re on your own.

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