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Yes, probably that will be my next step. Request a Product Feature. I got mine shipped from Taiwan I believe… Not sure about the card you referring to. If one of the links is down, then probably you haven’t installed the OpenSM yet. Careful with the ib-opensm What is the recommended approach to have this running on ESXi 6? There are certainly limit to this setup, but hey, you want to vMotion at a speed that a lot of SMBs can dream of?

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After mlnx-ofev little trial and error here is how I updated the firmware on the ConnectX 3. To do this I need to update the HCA firmware, this proved to be a bit of a challenge. I do have a question. I have two hosts that connect to a storage server in a 3-way ring in my home lab for now.

Installation, configuration, and support of Mellanox Software and Hardware. Reading through your post you did not specify if you setup IP addressing on each host. Like others I feel IB switch is the way to go — what you spend on the switch could be saved on the additional cards, plus its much simpler setup than having to daisy-chain everything together. Free Trial Zerto mlnx-ofee Download Now! You are commenting using your WordPress.


You might just need to refresh it. Included VMware vSphere 6. Puting a host in maintenance mode and evacuating VMs elsewhere takes not minutes, but seconds.

Home Lab Gen IV – Part V Installing Mellanox HCAs with ESXi « vmexplorer

Feel free to network via Twitter vladan. Aug 27, Last Updated: Also the Nexentastor version wasn’t the latest one either.

But Infiniband technology isn’t that simple. There is a way to have 3 hosts in the cluster, connected to the storage, but for this you’ll need more cards and 2 PCIe slots in each of those boxes.

The community there is generally very responsive and helpful! Hi the post got updated and I send you an e-mail with further details. What is the recommended approach to have this running on ESXi 6? It will come in handy later and dsxi an upcoming post.

Infiniband in the homelab – the missing piece for VMware VSAN

This article resolved my issue. Perfect … I start work then. Request a Product Feature.


Did you just install a subnet manager on all three nodes and everything just worked? My research seems to indicate the 1. At first, I forgot to setup the MTU at the vswitch level and changed it on the port group. For more information, see http: After a quick reboot, I got 40Gb networking up and running. The switch has finally received a new Noctua fans Noctua nf-a4x10 which do have 3 wires. Hi Thanks a lot for great article.

I have them working with 6. Home Lab Reviews — Virtualization Software and reviews, Disaster and backup recovery software reviews.

If yes, I would like to install and set up this card in Windows Server R2 environment. The other worry I have is the driver support.

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