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I can always replace it with a heavier one in the future. THE every club in my bag might be a Maltby. It was my own lack of foresight that got me. Once the S went in the ball flight was much higher and carries forever. Posted 08 April –

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This shaft is well known maltny a low to mid launching, low spin shaft. I also wish Golfworks would use their Universal hosel bore more. Edited by Colej, 08 April – I jumped the gun on my unflattering review and they really are nice clubs that play well. Very nice looking driver.

Golfworks KE4 ST1 driver head – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

It made the club a D-0 and when I reshafted them with Ss they jumped to a D S-a1, the shallower face means the rare high face hit with an out of balance swing. Posted 27 March – They are 10 yards longer on each iron and spin the ball much more than I have ever experienced.

That is another awesome head. Posted 28 March – House of Forged shaft in it?


Golf Club Heads

A bad flat over the top swing nets a low or high duck hook. I found this club easy to hit a slight fade with and malgby to sh-a1 straight as well.

I wanted to get out this weekend but the weather and my mother in laws failing health were priority. Call and ask for Mark Masters or Kevin French. It has nice clean lines with not alot of busy paint schemes or off the wall colors. This one is all forged.

Ever since I saw the pictures on the website malyby in early February, I was very intrigued by the design, the paintfill, and the matte black look. Pete told me this will be a higher launching clubhead.

If you need a high launch head this may not be the head you want to choose. I was fully refunded and customer service was fair. It’s a really solid club but I put too low launching of a shaft in the 8. I’m a mid handicapper and was concerned after reading your first review that my dt-a1 clubs might actually end up holding me back.

Maltby Ke4 St-1 Driver Review – gigaarchives

I don’t think this head is available any longer. There were two complete toed shots I hit that started out to to the right but gently curved back and landed directly on line. You can see they settled with a flat black for the crown. Posted 25 March – This design minus the weight port seems to be the standard for most major manufacturers.


I took them out to an empty hole yesterday and hit at least 20 shots into the green along with my Wilsons to compare. TCMP, on 07 April – They get golfers in and test them for sound, feel, and performance.

I was hoping this was something they would address but it looks like they didn’t. Cameron Circle T, on 08 April – It was my own lack of foresight that got me.

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