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Any ideas on what next? Letting the system go to sleep. Whilst I could start the process of returning the MB to the supplier it means I would be without my main PC, which I use for business purposes, for an extended period of time. Did you actually try both tests? This is not a problem with Gigabyte and if you haven’t already done so then you might find this item worth reading:

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What kind of network are you using and how many computers are attached. It may be your cisco not passing on the wakeup signal hence configure it to do so.

GA-MA770T-UD3 (Ver 1.4) – Lan doesn’t work

HELP – this is doing me head in. Do you have a Yellow Question Mark or red Exclamation point showing?

It is a device which derives its identy from the pci source bus. Your system board should be able to handle it and it’s the power-management feature in your network card’s properties that have to be set to enable wakeup.

PC in suspend mode draw only 3 to 5 W Power and for many day controling 40 W Is big power consumption. If you believe there is an issue with the motherboard then you should send it back to your retailer for a replacement.


It is not the solution I wanted and I am angry that a company like Gigabyte can produce a component which simply doesn’t provide the functions I have paid for. But after all the potentail solutions offered and executed nothing has worked.

And if not, How can I wake my motherboard on remotely? ,an Ip camera has complete program for ma770y-ud3p and I Only need a remote program for waking up my pc. June 04, I intentially went for Gigabyte Ma770tu-d3p because of their reputation.

I am really dissapointed in this motherboard.

Gigabyte GA-MAT-UD3P – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM3 – AMD Overview – CNET

If that doesn’t solve the problem then I would re-install the Operating System and the motherboard drivers. Don’t use the drivers from the install disk that came with the motherboard but use the ones that you can download from here: I upgraded my bios to 12 and also set my Cisco to port forwarding to my pc address and so I Ma770t–ud3p know if it is enough or Ik should do more?

And that can’t happen. Your cisco router may need some configuration done other than port forwarding? June 05, Thanks for your help to those who replied.

How are you connecting to the internet? January 01, Another thing you can try is disabling the C1E function as this has been known to cause problems.


For now thank you once again and a Happy New Year. My network adapter shows that it support Wol and I Enabled it but in motherboard manual says that it only support PCI and modem wakeup and nothing about wake on lan.

Setting the bios to modem and then to lan. Even though it is enabled in the BIOS. Vezina 10 If it s not broken, fix it until it is! I know it’s show as a separate item in the device manager but so are ma770t-ud3; drives, video cards and other peripherals.

GA-MAT-UD3P VER fails to wake on lan features!!!

Also, I have hz memory but the motherboard only sets it at But what I can’t figure out is that I tried all the things ma770t-udp3 before, some more than once, and it didn’t solve the problem then but it has now. I am staing to wonder why I bothered. Did you actually try both tests?

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