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The RAID type of the array. Many thanks to them for good work! Minimum status information is OK or degraded i. The array is inactive. Pause When Boot Alert Displayed.

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A proprietary management tool also exists, see below. Is the fusion-mtp driver needed for this RAID system available in the default kernel? The size of the array. Context-sensitive help for the field in which the cursor is positioned. Some linux tools are available on fision-mpt CD included with the controller. For an IM volume, when the first disk is added you are asked about the data on the disks. It also provides access to all other screens.

If the utility is available, this message also appears during bootup:. Latest version seems to be provided as afaapps Select the type of array to create, as shown below. This option is only available when the selected array is currently inactive.


The screens in the RAID configuration and management area are:. The disk is not fuusion-mpt enough to mirror existing data on the primary drive. Select the item in which the cursor is positioned. The version numbers and the screen items shown are subject to change fusion-pt the life of the product. You may press Esc at any time to cancel the verify process.


To collapse the display, press Enter again. The count stops when it reaches the maximum value. The total time elapsed since the Format or Verify operation started. There are Debian packages of both tools available from http: The BIOS will not control the adapter when loaded.

LSIFusionMPT – HWraid

When a RAID 1 volume is deleted, the data is preserved on the primary disk. A bit hexadecimal value fusiob-mpt the discovery status for the PHY or expander.

Press Y to start the synchronization, or N to cancel it. The system BIOS assigns this value. The PCI slot in which the controller is located.


The disk does not meet the minimum lsk for use fusion-pmt a RAID array. Up to four of the total adapters in a system may be selected as bootable. Notably this driver uses the kernel scsi subsystem rather than implementing its own block device. Press Y to proceed with the activation, or press N to abandon it. Then exit to continue the boot process. Press M to keep the existing data on the first disk or press D to overwrite it.

To access the Device Verify screen, press Enter on the appropriate field on the Device Properties screen.

On this screen you can change global scope settings. In the Configuration Utility, select an adapter from the Adapter List.

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