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I have iTunes but I just can’t figure it out. They have excellent prices. See the howardforums thread mentioned above in Erik Thauvin’s post. I also just got a new battery 5 days ago. I got one of those 1GB pny from newegg and no such luck, i’ve ordered a SanDisk 1GB to that can work with my wife’s lg cu Steve, I’ve had this phone for months now and couldn’t get it to synch to the computer.

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The mb that I have works fine. I would, however, recommend it to people who want decent features in a phone, without spending a ,odem lot. And if that’s the case, get a different phone and save yourself the hassle.

LG CU500 – Black (AT&T) Cellular Phone

Do u know if u can put movies into the cu? It has gone from having 4 bars of battery to dead while sitting on my desk at work this is where having a usb adapter for power and download would of been helpfull.

Now i can’t hear my voicemails or hear my calls. You should recieve a message asking if you would like to update. I tried putting my card in hubby’s phone same mdoem and his card in mine.

CU500 Support

It worked fine up until about 2 months ago. I do not own this phone, but my brother has for the past few weeks. I went through 4 Smart Cards in the Store using my phone and one other new out of the box phone. And the other stores even corporate don’t have them Even in XP, you have to install the drivers — it won’t work without them.


At least I’m not with US Cellular anymore!

Highlight the desired photo you want to move. When the window opens on your PC screen, select the option of viewing the files using Windows Explorer. Back to Phones forum 6 total posts. Seems to be a lot of us with this problem My phone, like so many others in this thread, recognizes my 1g sandisk micro card, under connections my phone is set to “mass storage”, i have a usb data cable and when i connect my phone to the computer and the computer wants to install software i click cancel The photo will now show up in its original spot on the phone, but will have a memory card icon next to it.

Can i do anything within moeem phone? Can anyone tell me how I can put music on my LG Muziq? I suspect it’s to force people to get the data option on the phone. Here is how modme fix the whole USB problem: The camera swives to do self pictures, but you have to ch oose to flip image. Both of my previous and cheapo LGs supported it, alas.


I have iTunes but I just can’t figure it out. Has anyone had it work in their phone? Call quality was better from indoors, and the speakerphone microphone is excellent at capturing voices, though the speakerphone isn’t quite loud enough for outdoor use.

Erik’s Weblog – LG CU Mini Review

I dropped my phone the other day and now the headphone logo is showing on my screen. I am also looking for a J2ME app that can support bookmarking for large audio files.

Are there better brands of micro SD cards that are compatible? When you close the flip, your apps quit running.

Any modek experience with Kingston micro SD cards? Other then that so far its a great phone, and a good upgrade from a Razr v3.

Its your review of the phone that made me want to get it.

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