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VAT is the latest flagship model for the mobile professional. What hasn’t changed is the always-excellent ThinkPad keyboard, which is a pleasure to type on. Unfortunately the Thinkpad X does not include a Docking Port or a digital video out. And, call us demanding if you like, but we’d have liked to see another hour of battery life from the three-cell battery. But, unlike the MacBook Air, it doesn’t sacrifice usability to hit a certain weight. Averatec AV Review Quelle:

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Hardware Zone With great mobility, comes great costs it seems and we’re not just talking about costs in the monetary aspect only of course. Run Time Up To. An extremely robust chassis made of umst grade materials provides not only a comfortable touch but also an outstandingly sturdy case, promising a long lifespan.

This weight is typical for very big tablets, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal. Colors looked rich, and scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean showed good motion reproduction, though dark scenes tended to lose shadow detail.

Even at maximum volume they yielded very listenable sound that would make most other compact notebooks pale with envy. If you have the money to afford it and are looking for an ultraportable that lacks nothing, this is a great machine, delivering on battery life, usability and performance. The supplied six-cell battery lasted a good four hours during a multimedia-heavy DVD-viewing and music-playing session, while a less demanding word processing marathon stretched to five hours.


The Lenovo’s X presents itself in classic Thinkpad black – another colour scheme wouldn’t have fit the conservative image of the Thinkpad ranks anyway. The horizontal perspective on the panel was much more forgiving. Not unique to this model, newcomers to the Thinkpad series may need some time to get used to the ordering of the Fn and Ctrl keys.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X300

One feature in particular however was sorely missed: That said, we could not get used to the noise of the spacebar. Ordentliche Laufzeiten gepaart mit gutem Display, lenovvo Tastatur und einem hochwertigen Finish — der nahezu perfekte mobile Business-Partner.

Credit Lenovo’s second-generation internal roll-cage design, which uses a material the company claims is three times stronger yet 60 percent lighter than magnesium.

Sure, it has its foibles and it won’t be the right choice for everyone. The battery life, while not quite the 10 hours claimed, is tough uts replicate in the real world.

I will be very grateful for your help and guidelines. In testing, the monitor achieved good results in brightness and illumination measurements. So, unts like letters are bigger. Given the x3300 optical statistics combined with the its non-reflective surfacethere should have in principle been nothing to stop outdoor use of the Thinkpad X As slimmest and lightest ever model in the Thinkpad series, Lenovo shows off its most recent creation. Where to Buy See All.


The ThinkPad X is as solid as you get in terms of build quality. As is usual for Thinkpad models, the keyboard layout of the X displays a good arrangement with regards to the function keys.

Review: Lenovo Thinkpad X Notebook – Reviews

This was however due to a power saving function which was relatively quickly deactived in the system BIOS F1 on system start, Config, Display, Brightness: With a gross capacity of 64 GBthe drive provides enough space to allow problem free office operation with a great number of programs installed. The hinges themselves do seem undersized, but they hold the display in tight control.

Techradar It may not be a total reinvention, but this is a stunning and versatile laptop. With a black level of 1. The biggest drawback is clearly its small 64GB hard drive, and that situation is exacerbated by the fact that only 36GB are free. The notebook comes with an L processor from Intel, the L standing for Low Voltage, having remarkably small energy requirements.

The keyboard is simply fantastic. Maybe too generous, we would have much rather dropped one or two of those USB ports and had an SD card slot if at all possible.

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