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If you get a ‘Function sequence error’ in the finalization section of the ODBCConn unit, then you probably did not properly clean up all you queries and connections. Sometimes with an “Invalid Pointer Operation”. But you can’t set such property, pointing to a component which is actually placed in other form, in the object inspector. EOF do begin S: Use this to specify custom parameters.

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TObject ; var S: Before going to the details of this wrapper, you must first have a basic understanding of how an ODBC data source is identified. Additionally you may check this mysql odbc connection guide. It will not accept a file named like libodbc. The LoginPrompt boolean property is not implemented yet.

ExecSQL instead of query. I can do the first but due the size it will take a whilebut I don’t know much about db components, so can’t try to build something equivalent for borland ADO db components.

Lazarus (Pascal) How to connect to SQL Server using ODBC or TMSSQLConnection? – Stack Overflow

Create nil ; query: For Ubuntu, follow the instruction for Debian. Now, to my enthusiasm, I could select “ado” driver under Lazarus.


Compatible with Oracle servers: Compatible with PostgreSQL server versions since 7. Use this postgresql odbc connection guide to perform easy and painless connection to PostgreSQL database.

Board index All times are UTC. The parameters for connecting odbcconneciton an ODBC data source are described in a connection string. Please refer to the documentation of the specific driver to learn more about available parameters and their names.

Next ; end ; finally query. I’ll update to SVN tomorrow and see if the latest patch concerning codepage issues helps and, of course, you’ll be the first to know if such thing comes to happen.

I mean, does this specify the native codepage selected in the DBM, set the one which will be used in the presentation layer, both, or none?

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As I said, slow, buggy, a nightmare. For the sake of completeness: The parameters in a DSN or File DSN can always be combined with additional parameters in the connection string, for example to specify a password. I hope view this protocols in future versions of Zeos for Lazarus. I established the appropriate connection string to connect to a local ACCESS database file and it even connected with no errors at all!

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: You can, of course, create a desktop shortcut to the ODBC dialog if you find yourself using it frequently.

Back in Delphi, that practice was legit. It only crashes when retrieving alphanumeric data. Compatible with all SQL Azure versions.

Codepage issues are usually tricky, but in Lazarus they can become a painful nightmare, specially when coding a cross-platform app Updated to latest zeos svn sources currently, revision Sorry for the extension of the post, and thanks again for answering and, of course, your great work here.

Params TStrings set using. However, please consult the relevant documentation for a definitive reference. This may cause previously working code to stop working. Compatible with all Interbase versions.

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