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The battery life really should be much better on the two-cell though. I mean having vista and office and any other productivity sw I have some trading sw and quicken myself in a pack this tiny and light is just amazing. Full SX specs through this translation link. Presumably this move will save the rebadging costs and inventory risks which is a good idea at this point. Has there been any improvement in the instability you and others had originally?

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Even holding the device with one hand and typing with one finger is comfortable for short periods. As I recall Vye had rebadged the older devices and sold those up until now.

Its a good decision to keep the previous design which was stunning and update the specs. Full SX specs through this translation link Both models feature: Intel really seemed to drop the ball here as they chip appears to almost never get used properly.

You could probably install it directly from here as well: Do I have a right-Alt key this time around?

But as the Fujitsu U has demonstrated in the past, the excessive double-mapping of essential keys can be enough to drive you batty at times.


It reminds me of the SH6 and even the Amtek T A dive into the range of processors and features from Intel. Holding the device as a tablet is also fairly comfortable. Keep up the good work. Latest products in our mobile pc database. Dual capacitative touchscreens and some well-integrated keyboard software make this a very interesting choice in the UMPC sector. The SX achieves better battery life simply by being able to house a 3-cell battery.

Then, the SC3 was released and it was at that point we decided to run a poll. Kohjinsha never fail to impress, plus its a good move to make two devices that have different specs to satisfy wider range of customers. Its too slow under this hardware.

The SC3 is built on what is potentially the worlds most efficient X86 computing platform and its designed to be one of the smallest, most mobile notebook-style devices you can think of.

Built-in 3g also a plus. This xl is getting ridiculous.

Vye to bring KJS/Kohjinsha to Europe with XP and 3G

Looks like Kohjinsha could have hit a home run with this, but ended up hitting a bloop single. The keyboard is of course, tiny.


I was going to purchase a few of these but not anymore. Also is there any improvement in the use of the graphics chip to speed up video playback?

Kohjinsha SC3 specifications and information.

Just like icura mentioned in the unboxing article, my Fujitsu U apparently still has a lot of life left in it. Looks like a mistake. I do believe Kohjinsha offers extended battery as well. Acer Aspire E11 ES1. Why spending that money on an ultra laptop which even browsing the web is so kohjnsha because everything is tiny? Why kohjinssha much money on such a small device if you end up searching for an power outlet?

Mark I never get the e-mail notification from the forum system so I cannot post anything, have tried g and ymail. It helps to keep the device looking smart. Laidbackgeek reviews the SC3. The SX model image right is an 8.

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