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Sun Aug 11, 6: Decide to buy something from TigerDirect, then go burn the money you were going to send to TigerDirect. You would find the same with K7VTA3, and will be disappointed if you plan on overclocking etc. Aug 11, Posts: I think on-board sound will do me just fine. Tue Aug 13, 4:

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The sheer volume of motherboards and the very low prices that they sell for make ECS a formidable k7tva3 ECS has even forced ASUS to pursue a new low-cost motherboard brand of their own in order to compete. Sun Aug 11, 5: Mon Aug 12, 5: I would second the K7s5a, it’s a real nice no frills board.

What’s the best motherboard? ECS K7VTA3 Version ? PLEASE HELP!! – Ars Technica OpenForum

The K7VTA3 does not support reading temperatures directly off of the Athlon XP’s die; instead it resorts to an external thermistor like most motherboards. I’ve been planning to upgrade my system for a little while now, and have figured everything out: Mon Aug k7bta3, 2: Though it kt33 have extra ide channels form the onboard promise raid controller.

It has had a higher than normal return rate and its fair share of problems.


Tue Aug 13, 4: I just picked up an MSI kt ultra2, although it does not have onboard LAN, it does have audio and USB2 and ata courtesy of the new via southbridgeand used k7vt3 xp ondie thermal diode. Sun Aug 11, 6: The board also features three DIMM slots all of which can be populated without sacrificing stability. Mon Aug 12, 1: As it is, I’m using a sound blaster 16, which is still plenty for me I’d heard that it consistently outperforms the Radeon Log in Don’t have an account? You can get a Radeon or GF4 for a lot less that will perform better.

So, if value is what you’re looking for, I’d buy. There is no clock multiplier support but surprisingly enough there are a handful of FSB frequencies that you can choose from.

Asrock k7vta3 driver – Computers & Internet

Go to Tom’s, Anand, or one of a dozen other sites if you want benches. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Mon Aug 12, 4: I’d put it in my new rig, but I’m giving it to my sister. By helping you will save many lives; I nearly threw my roommate out the window when he asked “how’s the new computer going?


As for the rest of your setup, the GF3 Ti is not a good choice. Have you read TigerDirect’s ResellerRatings? Because of their focus on shipping volumes of low-cost boards, ECS is generally a strong supporter of SiS chipsets and thus we were a bit surprised to see that they were ready with a KT board for this roundup.

ECS K7VTA3 – VIA KT Motherboard Roundup – June

There’s not much in the way of overclocking features for this board, so a larger heatsink isn’t necessary. I’m pretty much decided on the K7VTA3, unless someone can tell me something that’s wrong with it, or suggest something as good, or better.

Tue Aug 13, 5: You would find the same with K7VTA3, and will be disappointed if you plan on overclocking etc.

Can you recommend something else? Now outperformed by the GF4 line, slightly by the to significantly with the What’s the best motherboard? Does anyone have experience with this board?

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