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Luckily, there are five ways to boost the bass: We’re also not crazy about the proprietary Y cable with USB and charger connections at one end and a proprietary connector at other, but at least the device can charge via USB. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. It takes the iRiver about 2 minutes to start up. Good sound quality, very good ease of use, and the convenient extra features certainly should put it in the running for your next or first MP3 player. And for some reason, iriver did away with the easily removable battery in favor of a built-in one.

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Once a track is playing, using the touch strip will change volume, pressing O will bring up the EQ menu and pressing the back arrow will take you back to the song list, though kriver doesn’t pause the current track, which is nice.

What Hi-Fi?

Irkver is also a working trumpet player in and around New York City. Ok so now you ask am I crazy why give up all the good, massive parts and add on’s, ability to customize why???????

Some of them sound reasonable, some not so reasonable, depending on what you’re playing obviously, but I found myself setting the five-band EQ myself. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Unfortunately, the 20GB model is just a chunky, bloated version of its little brother; it’s thicker and heavier than the current-generation 20GB iPod.

I listen to my music at a reasonably loud volume, a setting of 30 out of 40 on the H10, and it was flawless for me. The Bottom Line The H10 includes nearly every coveted feature, but navigating the player controls can be frustrating. See details for additional description. The various equalizers and personal equalizer settings you can establish with this player amaze me.


To add more frosting to this deal, it is feature loaded.

iriver H10 series – Wikipedia

At these settings, I was able to get up to about 17 hours of listening in before the H10 needed a recharge. This player comes with an FM Tuner that can be used to record songs right onto the device, a microphone for recording, photo capability, and amazing plug-n-play ease for easy transfer.

Skip to main content. Good sound quality, very good ease of use, and the convenient extra features certainly should put it in the running for your next or first MP3 player. There are tons of equalizer presets for different genres and listening tastes, and we like that you can access them with a single button press in playback mode. The audio quality is excellent and the touch strip works very well. The Bass and Efficient Bass presets both produced very good results with virtually no distortion.

It’s an odd setup in that the cable that it ships with splits into two parts, one USB connector for your PC and a power input, to which you can connect the included AC Adaptor. The H10 also lacks the A-B repeat feature of the H It’s irivdr to note that the USB cable is proprietary and that it incorporates the power port, so you’ll need to carry it for recharging the Hkind of a pain.

It was also much less complicated than its big brothers, the iriver Irived and H series. I personally like to have the EQ set up in a perfect “V” shape, with the center mix in the center, the bass and high-end all the way up, and the two remaining settings in between those. The primary music option uses the file ID3 tags to break down your library by artist, album, genre, title, and playlist, as opposed to the folder-based categorization seen in previous iRiver products.


So far as connectivity goes, the H10 features a singular proprietary input that provides both power and its USB 2.

The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing If you have the big headset that covers your whole ear, there is no fuzz, but if you have the tiny little earphones, there is thing little fuzzy noise.

The company is known for creating polished products that emphasize features and performance over style, but looking past the H10’s chintzy buttons, this unit actually has little g-factor going for it, in addition to having Jenna Jameson and other porn stars vouching for it. Show less Show more. Its windows based not Mac 2: There is no removable storage space such as a SD slot, etc.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

iRiver H10 Specs – CNET

Actually, that’s not entirely true; things can become distorted with the included headphones, but that’s because they’re crap. Ok I am old school frugal to some learned to others some features I just dont want or need viewing by album art wont find it on the I River H10 why f you going to sit there and mentally know who sang what on what album??

It’s big enough to hold without fear of it breaking I hate dainty little electronics. I cannot speak highly enough irier this sound!

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