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Mine is intel HD arrandale Hi, I found myself in the same situation you were, I dig up a lot until I found links for the 1st generation, for 32 bits and 64 bits. NoMeMe January 14, at 4: Sahil Anand March 19, at 1: I don’t know any mirrors so we do not have a lot of options Serphp July 17, at 4:

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Cordial Greetings TEAM I want to know if you can make modd driver of Intel HDchange the version of the last update on intel or the version that you have in hands.

Thank you, but yes I need a 32x bit link, i’m afraid if Install this one “intel HD orbit2 modded” because i’m not sure if it is 32x bit. Can you please help me?

Antonio Carlos March 28, at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home. Ravi Kishor January 29, at 2: H0ney LoL July 3, at 3: Adilet Aibekov January 31, at 8: Wille Thpsom June 23, at 7: Mohanish Bhosale March 31, at Unknown April 13, at 7: Unknown November 21, at 5: Sahil Anand March 19, at 1: Everyone is welcome Rule 6 Post that remain in 0 votes for more than 10 hours will be deleted Rule 7 Post your tech support questions in the most recent tech support megathread.


Mine is intel HD arrandale Want to add to the discussion?

Unknown February 16, at 9: I have an Intel HD graphics without any number like , grapyics anything else and when I try to install the modded drivers it says: Sneaky PoP September 27, at Unknown June 4, at 9: When we get x64 bit, pretty please! Unknown October 16, at 9: Unknown November 16, at 2: Ibrahim Rilwan April 14, at So, i just downloaded the Intel HD series and above but i can’t find the HD driver, there’s grwphics without number, is that the correct one?

World of Incredible Intel Graphics Modded Driver

Serphp July 17, at 4: Lord Of Swords June 18, at 9: Unknown November 16, at 4: Would this be compatible with my graphic drivers? Ended up getting a hash error for the HD driver. Rule 5 Remain civil and remember that this subreddit is here to help people.

Samer Almejah December 5, at 1: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Unknown October 18, at 7: Bruno Bevilaqua March 3, at 7: Me too I need some help over here:


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