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Fine motion was also a concern, and we went back to our 5 bit force resolution result and thought that if you don’t have much control at slow speeds then tremor would increase inaccuracy and maybe a constant speed would be easier to stop on a dime with…. He was fascinated by this concept that an object was simple when you were not using it and complex when you were. The sensor was great in that it was sensitive and fit under a key and was easy to make- but it sucked in that it was where I learned about the problems with force-sensing resistors. He liked it- but then, a few weeks later he had a stroke. We built a gesture language into the Trackpoint that can be accessed in the firmware; the only aspect the driver exposes is Press to Magnify or Press to Select. A few pages later I read some data that showed that going to the mouse took more than. Use the id with Axis 0 and Axis 1 items.

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You can manually reactivate the trackpoint by reloading the psmouse module as root:. An inplane joystick invention made the post more robust in several ways.

Pointing stick – Wikipedia

Contents 1 Configuration using xinput 1. Obm was fascinated by this concept that an object was simple when you were not using it and complex when you were. But scrolling is out of the question, of course. The distinguishing trackpoiht, however was the team approach to decisions and execution throughout the IBM Japan culture, a direct contrast to the processes we had encountered in the US IBM PC groups in the early s.

But then everyone agreed that the first few seconds of use might be the most important part of selling a product. If the above directory doesn’t exist by default in your distribution, it probably doesn’t support this method. A nice side effect of that is, that middle button scrolling applies to any mouse and not just the TrackPoint interface, which can be a quite handy feature for desktop computers or people who prefer to use an external mouse, especially when scrolling through long lists or needing to use horizontal scrolling with a mouse which has only a vertical scroll wheel.


Steve Ih de put numerous improvements into the drivers all the time. Some distributions now support the new Xorg hotplug configuration method via xorg. We made pen like stalks that allowed selection without taking hands off the keyboard.

For example, for a speed of and a sensitivity oftype the following into a terminal:. We tried various transfer functions: Any user may perform this transfer; refer to Wikipedia: Toshiba employs concentric arcs.

Finally I had the idea of pressing a piece of clay into the sensor holder to pick it up. So, a complete mouse section, that implements this nicely and works very well on my R51, even with a simultaneously connected USB mouse, looks like that tried out today, 20th of September, on Dapper:. All of the settings listed below can be specified here as part of a comma separated list.

Why the ThinkPad TrackPoint is still a thing, according to Lenovo’s chief designer | TechRadar

And I hate to say it but there are many other improvements that I made or would like to make that I could elaborate further on but will stop here…. The process of getting the pointing device into the Yamato project was the end of a lot of stories I won’t enumerate trackpiint … more difficult demonstrations and meetings and pressure from the top IBM brass, more help from the bottom, more obstacles everywhere.


If the notes seem sparse, that’s because the code is sparse. I put copper foil corners on the top and a foil bottom… I found that the conductive foam at Radio Shack didn’t have the hysteresis that the other chip-holding foam had.

When the strain gauge was in place, the superglue came out.

Pointing stick

A pointing stick can be used by pushing with the fingers in the general direction the user wants the cursor to move. Some people find them more appealing for mobile gaming than a touchpad, because the track-point allows infinite movement without repositioning.

An analysis of motor performance and users’ expertise”. The cap is red on ThinkPads, but is also found in other colours on other machines.

File:IBM Trackpoint with control buttons.JPG

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. We always hoped that a driver would make the cursors optimize for the purposes they needed the cursor for- this hasn’t happened yet.

Joe chose it instead of my big visual interface or intelligent user interface ideas because it seemed that it could change a current product in a noticeable way easily…. The PC company declined. That efficiency still is relevant to us in the world of computer design.

He looked at me gravely, let the moment stretch and then said, “Get two”. A Dynamic Pointing Function”. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with unsourced statements from January

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