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You can set the following. When a session-specific path is specified in the above manner, macros are picked up for display from the following directories in order:. The Web browser opens with the URL location where you can check for manufacturing refreshes. You must also set the PC code page to Add a wait to the.

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For more information on how to modify this file for your specific needs, refer to Administrator’s Guide and Reference.

Multiple-Language Support

perssonal When Personal Communications processes this NL command by filling the rest of the line with NULLs, and moving the cursor to the beginning of the next line. If your DB2 host database includes libraries or collections with languages not translated or not translatable to your PC code page, then attempts to query that host will fail with the message:.

The Web browser opens with the URL location where you can check for manufacturing refreshes.

For example, the following command creates the pcomm. For example, here is a typical configuration: In Windows 98, the following PC cards are affected by this restriction: If you encounter this problem, reboot the machine and run the installation, but do not launch the Close Program Dialog before running the install.

Use the values in this table to make any other necessary changes. If the network resource becomes unavailable during a network install, the installation might result in the following error:.

Lersonal path taken to exit the installation does not matter since the goal is to download the update package. You can add the following new stanza at end of the file or between any two existing stanzas.

  6000.16386 AUDIO DRIVER

Multiple-Language Support

You may try some options such as setting Print TrueType font as graphics as a printer driver property. You might experience dialing problems when using a modem to connect to a Personal Communications session that uses some of the COM port connectivities. The executable images installed by Comumnications Communications Version 5. Persnal QueryHostUpdate is used to check what was updated: If the default keyboard layout is used for a Personal Communications session, keystrokes may not be sent up to the Telnet server and will not be echoed back by the host.

From the Font dialog box of Page Setup, some font face names provided by the printer driver can have problems supporting IBM-select characters, especially on Cpmmunications NT or Windows Click Customizethen select the Run Applet function and add it to the macro.

These system commuunications, including the Print Screen key, cannot be redefined and are grayed or dimmed on the Personal Communications keyboard setup screen. When printing to an LPT1 parallel port connection printer, keystrokes and command execution might be slower than normal.

Personal Communication Version 5. If the adapter cannot use memory addresses above 1 megabyte, you may be able to resolve the problem by installing an IBM Express PCI adapter that can use memory addresses above ckmmunications megabyte. To avoid this problem, you should upload the PC file with a record length greater than the maximum PC line length.


If an ASCII host sends more than one screen’s worth of data, data at the top of the display can scroll off and might not be viewable. WS file will allow you to enter lower case letters by using the Shift key. Changing the startup type of this driver will cause your system to become unusable the next time you boot it except in Windows Safe Modeuntil you uninstall Personal Communications.


The link is not a limited resource and therefore is never automatically disconnected. In this case, add the following line to the [Printers] stanza of the. In addition, data transfer might fail. This document contains information supplementary to the online Help and the Publications; it includes such things as newly added functions, hints, tips, restrictions and corrections.

This changes LineType5 from the default of solid to dashed. It is possible to open multiple Personal Communications emulation sessions simultaneously; in previous versions of Personal Communications these sessions could interact with hosts of different languages.

Attempting to execute this facility on Windows 9x platforms will result in errors. Make sure you have the Windows folder properties set to show hidden files.

If a directory name is not specified, the pcsmmerr.

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