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Toyota has designed a simple, straightforward car with great handling and an entertaining all-round setup. I MUST have a back seat for the kids. Dynamically the roadster is the same as the RF, but in character the soft top stands further away from the GT86, offering a more distinct flavour. Our Toyota GT86 coupe: The sound system produces a weak, tinny sound with lots of distortion, especially at its highest setting of 63 weird which you’ll crank it up to on the motorway.

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Those low, firm bucket seats offer support under enthusiastic cornering conditions, but give little by way of comfort on longer journeys. It’s balanced, attentive and good-natured – but just a little bit slow.

I have heard every argument on how speed is not everything, well neither is handling. When they are put forth on a task, they will see it to the end in with the same vision as when they started. Considering its modest power takl — bhp from the 2.

No American made minivan can hit mph in 15 seconds. Manufacturers need to think about what people want and need, not just ht86 they need.

Toyota GT86 review: fun in slow-mo | CAR Magazine

This car is rapidly making him a legend in the automotive industry. It was discontinued in while it was still on-sale in Japan until The rear-drive Toyota feels fantastic on track: Getting into one having driven something more modern does feel a bit like a retrograde step, though.


Browse used Toyota GT86s for sale. Changing the radio station can be a tricky task and the small buttons on the screen make it hard to use on the move, especially considering how much the GT86 bumps around.

I was thinking that maybe the car guys were right when they said they thought Toyota would be the hardest company to get such a high-fun, low-top-speed car past. I’m just over 6’3 and long drives can give me aches. Posted November 25, It’s fair to say that the Toyota feels backwards in terms of technology, possibly deliberately so. gt8

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Tada: How Toyota and Subaru created the GT86

Posted December 15, We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Perhaps the biggest downside has been practicality. Separated by odd years but united by a sense of fun: Send a private message to EBrake. I’m 6 foot 4 and a half inches and although I didn’t have any problems in either of the test drives longest was about an hourlast night my back, legs and in the middle of the night, my arms were a bit achy.

The infotainment system of the GT86 was never meant to be the focal point, but the lacklustre radio does make you wonder what compromises you’re happy to make for the sake of driving purity. Yes, given a straight road, it will absolutely blow past it, but once the road turns again, the GT86 will be right there.


It almost makes me tal to do an economy run to see if I can blitz those official figures. The Mazda MX-5 convertible comes closest to being a direct rival, and you can get hot hatches with more power for similar money, but five years since its launch, the GT86 continues to have the affordable rear-drive sports coupe niche to itself.

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He trains them on an airfield in a 1. I have been the lucky owner of one these cars since August and I can tell you that Tada-san accomplished everything he set out to do.

W e should probably start on the inside as we gg86 to answer that question. I wish the FRS was pounds and hp for 23k.

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