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Log in Don’t have an account? They have dabbled in many different PC components over the years: The primary purpose of the GM AP software suite is to allow complete control over the mouse’s hardware capability. Honestly, I had no idea that Gigabyte even offered mice but after checking out their PC peripheral page, I was impressed with the range of products offered. At this point, the M is one of the fastest mice on the market. Looking like a turtle on its back, the Ghost is what Gigabyte calls a gaming series laser, which gives the Ghost it’s DPI rating.

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If you can control it, you’re nearly guaranteed to beat any m80000 in an FPS. In fact, Gigabyte offers a total of nine mice ranging from an entry level wireless optical mouse to several gaming mice including our GM-M sample.

This is great for a person who likes to have a mouse with more heft. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. The settings are very basic and we noticed once you got past the first tab marker on the slow side that the scroll speeds tended to get out of control. Packaging and contents A company would have problems selling a mouse without a window to showcase it in the retail packaging. A total of 38 grams are m0800 The controls of the Ghost as well-positioned and I could easily access them without having to move my hand much.

Gigabyte’s software installation is simple and easy while requiring about The GM-M does not come with a lot of accessories.



The left and right scroll button commands did not always work in several applications without having the driver set installed. There are four in total and in case you wonder, each one is indicated by the awesome little lights on the left side of the main mouse button.

This one not only rotates, but tilts side to side. Nicknamed the Ghost, the M is aimed at the gamer that wants it all: The M from the top has gk look of a well-built mouse.

Another powerful feature of this weapon is to its extra gaming buttons which give gamers the best short-cut to upgrade to the highest rank. However, you do get used to it over time but we wish that Gigabyte would utilize their corporate blue color scheme in future software releases. Clicking the buttons and finding the correct placement of my fingers to reach all the buttons, I knew right then that the Ghost has what it takes to have a spot on my desk.

Either that was the case or I was just too used to my G5 from years of usage. One item we suggest the user have available is a decent pair of sunglasses when using the software as the bright yellow background could cause blindness in small children and pets.

It all sounds impressive; the key is if this mouse actually works as advertised. Anyway, this first screen allows you to adjust the buttons g your preference. I’ve always maintained that a weight system is crucial to make a good mouse because everyone has a preference to weight; some like it light as a feather while other people like me like a bit of deadweight to help build ym while you frag!


GIGABYTE GM-M8000 GHOST Gaming Mouse

On my desktop I still elected to use the setting but on my laptop, I slowed it down to and I felt right at home. The results were surprising considering our experiences with the Logitech programs. CPU usage was nominal during all phases of testing.

The length of the Ghost measures a hair short of five inches which is slightly shorter than my usual mouse which is a Logitech G on my notebook.

At the top of the mouse is the scroll wheel. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Included is a pretty thick instruction guide that goes through every aspect of the mouse.

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Once we loaded the software and rebooted, the first order of business was to understand how memory hungry the two applications are in Windows Vista 64 Ultimate. You can also see the opening for the weight system to let you fine tune the feel of your hand-held-rodent. As for as the feel of the mouse, over a period of time I felt the Ghost was too narrow m80000 me.

Specifically, it was from Gigabyte and included a keyboard we will discuss later.

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