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On the subject Radeon or Geforce? If possible, test the card in another system and see if it still reads as 64mb Sun Jun 16, They offer similiar performance and AMD is cheaper. I currntly run a t and can run every game i own just fine. Originally posted by lhooq:

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I use the thermaltake orb and it works well.

Nvidia Chipset (MCP67MV-A2) for Laptop Repair

The heatsink is attached to the card the same way as on the Leadtek solution: The price difference is negligible. Note that only the Leadtek comes with the faster 4ns memory which means that it can work at MHz. Built-in drop down Sun Visor. Prompt response I got a prompt response on my Athlon setup, what the hell are you talking about? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Gainward video card is an ordinary 3D solution for an average gamer, this good product provides for a high-quality image and excellent overclocking capabilities in 3D.

Jun 4, Posts: In my experience, middle of the road is always the cheapest way to stay at the performance sweet spot for most of the time. I’m looking to upgrade my present video card with this apparent powerhouse.

I think I saw another thread somewhere here that mentioned another mb MSI card a ti, though reporting itself as a 64mb card and then someone replying that this problem is pretty common. If Intel becomes the underdog then go with Intel.

  F5D5231 4 DRIVER

MSI G3 Ti Pro-DT graphics card – GF3 Ti – 64 MB Overview – CNET

This is the card, here: If you try to push your P4 too far, it will overheat, just as any other proc. I think you got screwed, to put it bluntly. Dec 12, Posts: I’ve actually had 2 Ti’s and sold them.

More refinements More refinements Great card but I don’t have it mounted to the chasis so it can move if it gets bumped alot and I have to take care of it at LANs. Jan 30, Posts: Production of such models is just a marketing trick taking into account that the whole GeForce3 family is going to die soon the GeForce4 Ti line will press them out quicker than games are going to need MBytes of memory.

He says he bought a few Dells from an office when they went out of business and broke them up to sell piece by piece on ebay, and didn’t check each part to see if it matched what the previous owner told him it was. The basic rule of thumb in system building today, is if you simply will not overclock, go AMD.


Also I would recommend you adding some heat spreaders to your video ram chips.

The little decals match. I have the 64MB version.

Although, considering that the Ti cards are equipped with the chips which don’t not work stably at MHz and, thus, do not suit Tithere is nothing to be surprised at. The Gainward’s card has the 4. PS-per the PG, try to criticize ideas, not the poster Thanx. Write a comment below. You always have to consider heat. All right, I need to decide which system would be better, or more worthwhile. The systems are more or less identical minus the Motherboard and CPU. Dec 2, Posts: It will run everything available now at exeptional pace and when games come along that it struggles with, the Ti won’t be doing much better anyway so you’ll probably want to upgrade again.

The part where you screw it into the chasis was on the part that goes right down next to the mobo.

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