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The Scroll Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on. Experience the convenience of Alexa, now on your PC. To create a cover page template, you use the Fax Cover Page Editor. In Standby mode, your convertible tablet PC reduces or turns off the power to most devices except memory. Drivers translate information between computer devices and programs. See your peripheral device’s user guide for installation information and tips. The network is made up of an access point, a cable or DSL modem, and your computers.

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The basic methods of creating, saving, opening, and printing a document apply to most of these types of files. Your computer connects to the Internet through an ISP. View Cart Proceed to checkout.

Press and hold Fn, then press this system dthernet For more information, see “Changing batteries” on page To create MP3 files: Use this feature in bright gqteway situations, such as outside in bright sunlight.

Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Upgrading Your Gateway M 11 Remove the bracket from the old drive. Warning j Do not attempt to disassemble the AC adapter.

Gateway M Wireless WiFi Card 2A0A8WLTA32 | eBay

Writedown your convertible tablet PC model number and serial number see “Identifying your model” on page 10 in case of theft or loss, and keep the information in a safe place. A mixture of IEEE Windows moves the files and folders to the Recycle Bin. To recalibrate the battery: Another advantage of the M’s size is a wide, sturdy keyboard, which Gateway swiped from notebooks such as its series.


When traveling, do not place your convertible tablet PC in overhead storage compartments where it could slide around. The new folder name appears by the folder icon. You can add music tracks etherner your music library by: If you are uncertain about your rights, contact your gatewayy advisor.

The pen has internal electronics, so keep it dry and avoid contact with liquids. Because of this increased capacity, full-length movies, several albums of music, or several gigabytes of data can fit on a single disc. For instructionson how to turn off your wireless device, see “Turning your wireless Ethernet emitter on or off” on page Windows Basics Etbernet with documents Computer documents include word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files.

Although the display is durable, it can break. If the program starts automatically, go to Step 8. Getting Started Using the keyboard Your convertible tablet PC features a full-size keyboard that functions the same as a gatewy computer keyboard. If you plan on taking your AC power adapter, also take a single-plug surge protector.


You can also bateway the memory card reader to transfer data between your convertible tablet PC and a device etyernet uses memory cards, such as a PDA, M P3 player, or cellular telephone. For more information about accessing a wired Ethernet, see “Using a wired Ethernet network” on page For the location of the battery charge indicator, see “LED status indicators” on page Security Get a locking cable for your convertible tablet PC so you can attach a cable lock and leave your convertible tablet PC in your hotel room while you are away.

Technical Details

The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch See your USB device’s installation guide. Your municipality may require you to obtain a permit and hire a licensed installer.

Select print from the computer you are currently using and your file is automatically printed on your printer no matter where it is located on your network. The recording process begins. Attached to the router are all of your computers or Ethernet-ready devices.

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