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Manage software licensing and compliance more easily. The file was issued for a later version of FLEX lm than this program understands. You can run the ‘lmhostid’ program to see what FLEXlm thinks the hostid is. A discussion of what causes the problem described in the ‘Symptom’ section. These error messages may occur in two formats available with FLEXlm or may appear in a format customized by the application.

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Either one of the following changes in the windows network configuration let the problem disappear: This issue was detected in a network eongle multiple domains. Look for a message such as: Cannot connect to license server.

FLEXlm End User Manual

The setup is as follows below: The file was issued for a later version of FLEX lm than this program understands. The server must be restarted for options file changes to take effect.

Verify that the hostid of the machine on which flexlk vendor daemon or node locked client program is being run matches the hostid specified in the license file on the SERVER line for the vendor, or on the FEATURE line for a node locked client. Reservations are made in the options file.

3.1 FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

Cannot lmdown the server when licenses are borrowed. Verify that specified server machine is up and reachable by executing another command that uses TCP, such as telnet, from the client to the server.


Licensed number of users already reached.

The daemon needs to bind the socket address in order to be able to listen for connections from clients. What dnogle and operating system is the application running on?

Other Server Problems Symptom: Checkout request rejected by vendor-defined checkout filter. Datasheet Protect Your Apps and Devices. When launching either of the TASKING tools they themselves will attempt to connect to the server using the adapter as listed in you windows network settings. The following table lists the most common errors produced by FLEXlm-licensed products. You should examine it when you have a problem, and be prepared to answer questions about it when you talk to a support person.


Invalid inconsistent license key or signature. Note that the error message actually contains rongle separate problems, which both occurred during the checkout: Cannot lmdown the server when licenses are borrowed. Either the hardware dongle is unattached, or the necessary software driver for this dongle type is not installed.

This is caused by lmgrd.

Bad version number must be floating-point number with no letters. Use the ‘lmver’ script, or, on UNIX, execute the following command on your lmgrd, vendor daemon, and application: These drivers are available at www.


This error is typically caused by one of the following:. If the license server appears to have started correctly which you should be able to determine from the log filetry running ‘lmstat -a’ and ‘lmdiag’ to see if that program has the same problem as your application. Error, borrowed license doesn’t match any known server license.

cant find dongle hostid using lmtools or lmutil | Mentor Graphics Communities

Contact the vendor for further details. This is probably because the license is older than the application. When you start the license server lmgrd be sure that you direct the output into a log file where you can examine it. It is for this reason dlngle we decided to use two individual license files each referring to approriate daemon. Error messages were improved in v6. Manage all license models out of the box, including pay-for-overage support Provide efficient in-product and volume license activation support Prevent unauthorized copying and piracy Support flexible machine fingerprinting Support a wide variety of platforms including all major operating systems and virtualization technologies.

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