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Rotate the cartridge counter-clockwise to align the arrow of the cartridge to the unlocked icon. Paper jams occur most often in sections 4b and 4a right before the fuser. Locate the waste bottle compartment located in the back next to where the main power cord connects to the press and pull the door open. A t tachments 0 Page History. More information can be found here:. How to Release a Job video.

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The console of the will inform you when this procedure needs to be done. The console will ask you whether you want to resume or delete the job.

You may notice light streaks in the image on sheets that were printed on the Giery to Set Up the Tray video. Remove empty bottle from the carton and insert it into the machine. Docuxolor jams occur most often in sections 4b and 4a right before the fuser.

How to Load Paper video. The tends to apply more fuser oil than necessary leaving streaks on the page. If the problem persists, try using different paper stocks, trays and paper weight settings. Insert pour spout fkery the reservoir and squeeze the bottle until the oil is filled to the max fill level mark.


Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. How to Replace Toner video. The is a color toner based printer which uses electrophotographic technology.

Failing to loosen it well enough will cause damage to the gear at the end of the cartridge. The streaks many times will evaporate over time.

They are faint and most visible with glare on the sheet. It is capable of printing up to speeds of 60 sheets per minute, single-sided on regular laser paper.

Locate cap on the cap holder on side of bottle and securely place it on the opening of bottle. Also try airing out the paper to get air in between the sheets.

Xerox DocuColor

When all paper has been removed and the entire sheet is accounted for, close the doors. Problems can also be caused by the RIP and the itself. When the file is created in the layout software, the page elements must be positioned properly to back-up correctly. Loading Paper and Tray Setup. When a paper jam occurs, the console on the will inform you where it occurred and will give you a diagram of what door to open and how to clear it.


They are most visible on glossy sheets or sheets with a large amount of toner coverage.

It causes the two sides to not match up. To avoid these issues, you can calibrate the RIP and thehowever, the calibration of the RIP will compensate for the and so it is not really necessary to calibrate both. They are actually streaks of fuser oil. A t tachments 0 Page History. Short Specifications on Machine.

Obtain a new toner cartridge and shake well to completely loosen the toner. Rotate the cartridge counter-clockwise to align the arrow of the cartridge to the unlocked icon.

EFi Fiery EXP for Xerox Docucolor

Xerox DocuColor Chooser Name: How to Release a Job video. Remove the cap of the new bottle of fuser oil and replace it with the pour spout came with the Xerox DocuColor Specifications link. Using other PPDs can cause significant differences between to the two sides of the sheet.

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