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Got it to work – in a fashion. Thanks for marking this as the answer. This isn’t a diss on the people who created ASIO4ALL; it’s a pretty clever kludge, but it’s trying to convince Windows to do something it was never meant to do. Karma has a way of finding its own way home. ShaunRichardson78 Created on June 23,

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I only played iii it for about 10 mins last night but after another few mins looking at it today I can now hear what I play through my PC speakers and turn the Master Volume on the amp, off. Nothing will come through the speakers as you’ve turned off your soundcard don’t worry, it’s only turned off in Ableton Live. I gave it a try and it still didn’t seem to work.


I had to turn it off or nothing recorded. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.


Now for the outputs, click the ‘Output Config’ button: I’m just going to throw this out there and hope it helps. Connect your amp to your PC, plug in your guitar and turn the amp on. February 19, Music, or a video player for example. You might not even be able to have anything on, which just means you’ll have to keep turning the soundcard on and off depending on whether you’re recording or playing back what you’ve recorded.

I have the same question The little green ‘flag rectangle’ I maintain an open mind Fnder commonly recommended by manufacturers who don’t have the capability or desire to create custom drivers.

Everything should be default incase you’ve altered something while trying to get things to work. Essentials Only Full Version.

ASIO driver problem

Dunno why, but check. I’ll definitely come back to this thread and have another. Not a problem unless you really want to playback something through the amp. TheCasual on February 17, Not that I’ve seen.


Hello, I have just bought a new PC with windows 10 pre-installed. Listen to my music on http: Forums Posts Latest Posts.

First Go at Recording From Mustang 1 Into Audacity.

Cactus Music This is what happens when someone digs up and hijacks an old thread instead of starting a new one. If you quite the programme your speakers will still work!

First off let’s make a list here. Thanks for your time and effort. Anderton Max Musyang Level: Thanks for your post. At top of your screen.

Secondly, check whether you have selected inputs for in and out. Sorry this didn’t help. Did this solve your problem?

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