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If so, you will get exactly the behaviour that you are talking about here. Log in Not signed in yet? I connected the printer to my computer or tablet using Windows Not yet an Epson partner? I briefly tried deleting the registry keys but I spent all of about 10mins on it. Epson R printer Firewire driver Problem Nov 27, Your advice was invaluable and you have solved umpteen hours of work on this.

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So the keys had to be deleted or a system restore to a point where the reg keys never existed. If you are still unable to scan, refer to Troubleshooting printing, scanning and wireless network connection problems If your product is connected to your computer or tablet with a wired or wireless network connection, follow the instructions in the Configure Epson Scan for a Network Connection section. For information on available updates, contact the software company directly or visit their website for compatibility information.

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Just make sure you you do the back up first, promise?

Your advice was invaluable and you epso solved umpteen hours of work on this. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Windows 10 installed a compatible in-box driver for your product, thus maybe because an offical Epson driver is not available for Windows For more information see How to download drivers and software from the Epson website.


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How to install an inbox driver. Turn on your Windows 10 computer.

Optional software varies by model. From Port Typeselect the correct port type for your printer.

Support & Downloads – Epson TM-T88V Series – Epson

If your printer does not appear in the Add a Printer window, click or tap The printer that I want isn’t listed Click or tap Add a local printer or network with manual settings Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. To check for a driver update that may fix this limitation, check the Support and Downloads page for your product. Check for a Printer Friendly Version or similarly named icon on the web page.

Now for my apx more rant: If you don’t reboot you will still have the old wrong unedited registry in memory despite your edits to the registry on the HDD. Anyway, have you tried adjusting those? Hmmm I didnt see that in the paper manual Ive got. But when I had to fix this same problem once a few years peson, with a different USB printer that someone had also plugged in before loading the software, I am sure it did not work. Not signed in yet?


Driver for my old Epson printer Jan 8, Thanks for you reply, I will try the fix in the morning.

Epson USB printer/driver issue

Register now We respect your privacy. Epson R printer Firewire driver Problem Nov 27, This appears to be separate from the APD. Finally, in one form or another, the problem espon always lies with the drivers. Go to the control pannel, system, device manager, find the item that Windows thinks is there when you connect your printer and force it to use the driver for your printer. Not signed in yet? HP makes the most effort to fully support Linux, so if all other aspects are equal, always buy a HP printer.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. For detail on how to download and install software refer to How to download drivers and software from the Epson website. For more information about installing Inbox drivers in Windows 10 see Windows

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