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This item doesn’t belong on this page. I am looking for the following: I’ll qualify all the above with, “it’s early days yet! Haven’t tried it on Android or Mac. You may also like. Ideally, I would like to support a hardware vendor who supports their Linux drivers, but failing that, I can settle for something that works with Linux.

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Edirol 24bit 96khz USB Audio and Midi Interface

It seems to support what I want. Because if that does, that solves all my audio problems period.

PaulRH Prhunt So much for the negatives, Using this on a Dell Laptop with an i5 processor, spendid sound quality, good quiet pre-amps, phantom powe r and rugged construction, and quite portable. I have considered the following, but I am doubtful about Linux support: Jhz if these including the Zoom H4n are equal in Linux support, which would be of higher quality?

I’ll qualify all the above with, “it’s early days yet! Follow links under Device Support at the ffado site. Off topic from eidrol question, but feel free to comment, I am also considering one the following mics for voice recording, which the most preferred near the top of the list:. I usually record at The AT is another good choice, fdirol has a very crisp sound to it.


When Fedora 13 is released on Eddirol 18th assuming that they do not change the schedule againthen you will have a Linux distribution that will work with this hardware without modifying a kernel, unless real time code needs to be added. The problem is you are looking for USB2.

Edirol 24bit 96khz USB Audio and Midi Interface | eBay

I would love this unit so much if I could plug this http: I do not know C well enough to create any significant amount of new code, but I can hack a few things in it, such as making changes to hard coded arrays in ALSA drivers to recognize a new device and have it run existing code. I just found the http: It is in the Linux staging tree and Fedora does not provide compiled drivers for it.

TheAwesomeking Ryan Lenssen Skip to main content. At the moment, I am leaning towards the Edirol UAEX since I can probably effectively use all of its inputs and it seems to be more professional, but I will only order it once I get my system working on a new kernel so that I can focus my return window on getting the the Edirol UAEX to work.

You may also like. Headphone monitors high quality. I have not used the Rode NT1A in person, but in a video review it seemed to be a bit hot in comparison to other mics.


The UA seems very similar, apart from having only two mic inputs rather than four, and being half the size: Thank you very much.

I wonder if its replacement, the USmkII, works just as well. I would prefer the UA if I knew that the attenuator for inputs worked under Linux.

This one looks very feature packed! The Edirol UA is nicer with its 2 additional mic preamps, but I prefer buying a current hardware platform. I plan on making EQ adjustments in software for different tones as needed. I will probably delay my purchase of these things for a week or so in case anything more interesting comes up.

I was told by some people I trust that the KSM series does tend to overdrive a bit to easy, which would make me lean towards the Neumann over it, but I already have an NT2 and can khzz some pretty decent clean results from it personally. I think this is fairly trivial to do. These devices have already been partially supported for several years: Can you record two channels at a time only?

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