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Roman Shelepov srl ixbt. DVD-R burning Drive burning at 1x, min. CD-RW drive Formatting time min. No problems occurred, the drive successfully detects and records most discs. Here’s what the drive is based on. And here you can see how it looks inside.

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Here is what the CD Speed displays at the attempt to read such disc. No problems occurred, the drive successfully detects and records most discs.

Below is the burn time for various discs. Video 3Digests Video cards: Dru-5100a bit later this market dru–510a filled up with a great deal of players, and a user can choose anything to his or her liking.

Plextor PXA – 5 min. If you don’t want to download the utility, then here you can find the HTMl help file. Vibration in case of unbalanced CDs The drive vibrated when it worked with such disc but it managed to finish its reading without errors and at high speed.

Sony DRU-510A DVD Recorder

Moreover, it couldn’t detect similar discs recorded on the other drives. But be careful when placing other devices close to it as they can burn. CD-RW drive Formatting time min. The drive’s design didn’t change since the DRUA.


The number of the trade marks were lift up to 4, 2 of each type, du-510a provide more information of how the drive treats discs of different trade marks. Summary SONY offers a pretty good drive that delivers a high speed and good recording quality on almost all modern optical media types without much noise. The speed can be only roughly adjusted but it’s enough.

SONY allows a user to adjust the read speed with a special utility available on the support site. The drive’s speed can be adjusted with a special utility. Roman Shelepov srl ixbt. Below are also results of reading of the recorded discs for the Lite-On dri-510a with the KProbe utility.

The system that automatically sets the maximum speed checks for badly readable discs and video discs. The drive needs no special drivers.

SONY DVD RW DRU-510A resources, firmwares and drivers

Below is the ATIP for the discs tested. Now let’s use other utilities to get more information on the drive; for example, Nero Infotool, which tells what formats and disc types are supported by the drive: As you can see from the screenshot, it’s still impossible to turn the drive into RPC-1 according to www. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.


We also tested ability of the drive to record cyanine discs at the minimal speed, the mode usually used by audiophiles to get the highest quality dru-510. Test results DVD recording As usual, we recorded several types of brand-name and non-brand discs. However, you can use the DVD Region free program which provides the regional protection.

Sony DRUA DVD Recorder

Further all types of rvd will be tested in the OverDrive mode. The label on top provides information on the location and time of production.

Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: DVD-R burning Drive burning at 1x, min. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Recording of the discs of both formats re flawless at all speeds available.

The outcome may depend on whether the drive favors a given disc, but anyway, some general data can be obtained. The burn speed was the same for all trade marks and types of media.

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