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The driver source can be downloaded from [] , but be aware it has only be confirmed to work on devices with usb id 14aa: Remote is not working yet. The symptoms are that they can not find any channels. Support for Club3D Zap 14aa: When the manufacturer stops updating the drivers, the drivers will quickly refuse to install as newer kernels are released.

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Such driver would rely on kernel fuse and character device in user space support as well as libfuse. Normally they share a tuner.

Please don’t add your device here but try to add it to the table above. Latest Windows drivers dates january and can be downloaded at freecom. This device is also called “: As linux media drivers are character based, drivers can be also written using libfuse’s character device in userspace example.

Tried with Ubuntu Same device 3995u AB, but it could need linuxtv to works.



TerraTec Cinergy T Stick. There is also a full detail table.

So being demanding is one sure route to being ignored. Sundtek provides their own 3rd party userspace driver which is independent of all kernel versions.

KWorld DVB-T 395U User Manual

Chipset info at http: In germany a similar device seems to be sold as dnt EuroMini []. USB ID before firmware: Lastly, it bears worth repeating the request: This has been confirmed to function for this Freecom or Conceptronic stick with usb id: Should NOT be treated as an order drop-off queue.

At least they have 3955u different usb id. Anysee E30 Combo Plus.

If written that way, an out-of-kernel driver can be written, which fully integrates to udev without the disadvantage of closed source or incompatibility to other drivers. No need to reinstall drivers when your kernel is updated. When the manufacturer stops updating the drivers, the drivers will quickly refuse to install as newer kernels are released. The driver was completely reverse-engineered without the help of its real vendor assuming WideView is the manufacturer.


USB ID is 13d3: If you are experiencing problems with USB devices, it may not be the fault 359u the tuner. There are several variants by the same name.

Views Read View source View history. Closed source userspace drivers mostly Sundtek Advantages: Remote control not tested.

Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

Drivers can be profiled easily and more accurately than in kernelspace. Was the first USB2. No additional firmware file is needed. For example AMD series chipsets e.

There is a DVB-T-only box:

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