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System requirements are minimal. Overclocking is not recommended since many capture cards derive their timing from the CPU and, unlike most software applications, video is not flexible about this. System requirements Documentation I weighted my conclusions heavily in favor of capture quality since the other things don’t really matter if all you get are lousy images. Two drones intentionally shut down a major UK airport. Capture quality is top notch, it handles problems well, and the manuals are good. When I clicked on rewind the camcorder dutifully began rewinding.

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RAID is a way you really can achieve transfer rates approaching the bus maximums. As I mentioned in part 1 of this article CPUs don’t play a major role during boad but they are called upon quite heavily when you start doing transition effects, rendering, or transcoding from one CODEC to another. Our standalone review of the RT makes hardware bozrd hereincluding using two hard drives in your system.

Hollywood FX Copper provides a slew of 3D effects and transitions that run near real time in preset mode.

In real time, you’re able to bring that brightness level up to the noard range, without out rendering. Matrox DVD player utility. I did notice some over-saturation of colors in some scenes and that red-and-white striped fabric blossomed like a road flare for an instant but the settings page will let you adjust color, tint, saturation, contrast and brightness so I’m sure that with a little tweaking I could improve overall image quality.

When it works it works great, when it doesn’t it’s a disaster. Matrox RT breakout box. To be fair, I’ve heard that other people had no problems whatsoever and that the DV Plus works flawlessly on a wide range of systems and configurations.


Building a Digital Video Capture System – Part II –

TitleDeko RT is a broadcast-quality titler that gives you precise control over graphic text. On to the good news. Putting five static titles over the sequence, we began to see render indicators but these renders some fairly complex with titles over transitions chugged along and finished in less than a minute. Monitors A good monitor is a must when working with video and I strongly recommend getting and using a video calibration program such as Displaymate Video Edition from Sonera Technologies.

Matrox is presently working with both these manufacturers to help resolve this issue. If the drive has a 2MB buffer and you’re trying to capture a multi-gigabyte file that buffer isn’t going to do you much good. As far as I know, virtually every capture system comes with some bundled software that will at least allow you to capture video.

Audio Most video system VARs who are honest will tell you boadr get the cheapest audio board you can find and some will even tell you to remove it during capture. Some, like the Pinnacle DV Pro, are very picky about this so be prepared for some swapping if things don’t go right the first time boadr install a new capture card. Yes, in some spots there was MPEG-2 artifacting and the occasional macroblocks during really tough scenes, but overall I was still impressed with the quality.

I also got a number of emails that questioned my statements about 2GB limits in file systems. This is why we gave the RT’s editing suite a full run through separately. It’s an education in video editing. Pinnacle’s main capture settings preferences window. The advantage of this would be, for example, if you had a twenty minute shot that was too dark.


Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

When I investigated this a bit further I uncovered a snake-pit of installation problems not unique to me. Using four tracks of audio with natural sound, voiceover and stereo music, we volume-adjusted tracks individually and ganged them together in groups with no problem at all.

Test Beds For the testing I used two different systems. All in all it was a pretty horrible video to watch but provided me with a fairly extreme test source.

DV-500 Shower Commode £ 295.00

That seemed to confuse the boarrd a bit and it stopped recording. Since broadcast video is stored using a YUV 4: In this segment, we Evaluation, Continued Now I ain’t stupid when it comes to installing hardware and software – I’ve been doing this sort of thing for years – but if I have trouble with something then the odds are pretty good that most other people out there are going to have worse problems.

Don’t use dv50 compression utilities. The most common problem with installing video capture devices arises from IRQ conflicts.

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