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After the Upgrading appears, wait for the menu to load. Wait for the update. Unzip the archive into the root of the memory card. Press the Power button. With calibration – the well-known “feature” of all Chinese, it is necessary to understand that the level of charge is calculated by indirect characteristics. The Company just released a new model of tablet called iDx 7.

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Added information about the identity of Type 2 and Type 3. Copy the contents of the archive to a memory card 2.

Digma iDx 7 – lost in quality, but won in the price

Concerning the reference to the firmware for iDx 7: The compiler himself wrote about the p4 firmware: Digma iDx7 – Firmware Post Patch increasing the size of the partition data to 1. Digma iDx7 – Firmware Post Briefly about dima.

Official firmware For devices Type 1 4. If you put the firmware for Type 2 or Type 3 and you do not have a touch, then you have Type 1 if not exactly Type 4just rearrange the firmware. If you make a mistake with the firmware, mistakenly with the firmware, you got a brick then: Raskachat makes sense when buying at oncePreferably three times.


Digma iDx7 – Firmware Post If you do not roll back the firmware from vl d Perhaps from others cigma Pre-release became the official release. For filling caps, please contact moderators section through a button a message that you need to add links. Wait for the download: Installing idxx7 market for Android 2. Ushing the new firmware, you should understand that a new test firmware can potentially contain errors.

The instruction is not mine, where it is taken – IndicatedBut!

Digma iDx7 – Firmware –

A Definite plus is very user-friendly design, which, despite the weight of grams, allows long and fatigue-free work. The time of full charge of such a battery from zero, with a simple algorithm of not less than hours, especially according to the first. The touch buttons have a delay of 2 seconds, the tablet has a habit of disconnecting at maximum load, in this model, the very faint sound but, if you work in the headphones the sound works fine.

It works smartly, there are no brakes, a flash drive sees without problems, errors with reading a flash drive or checking for errors are not fixed.

The cumulative Amount of memory is only 8 GB, this figure is minimum for tablets of this type, but it fortunately still can be enhanced through Flash cards with a large volume, but there are restrictions, the card is recognized only by brand Transcend. One of the recovery options for serious problems with the firmware: I do not know exactly why Some feature in the hardware-software solution sometimes requires the inclusion of an engineering menu with the power adapter connected On all tablets of this type there are no hardware buttons “back”, “home” and “settings”.


Turn off the tablet.

Or it is possible to put on own memory? Digma iDx7 – Firmware Post V0.

Post has been edited comed1ant – IDx 7 uses the popular Android operating system, but for some reason the manufacturers decided to install version 2. Please note that the patch depends on the firmware version!

This model showed great promise, but unfortunately shortcomings were much more than the pros. Update Android OS to version 2. The digja is also known where the update does not work without the files contained in the firmware, in this case we take from the firmware all files except update.

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