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See the SanDisk Clip Sport. Want Even More Master Switch? I have over CDs and I stopped listening to them because it was so cumbersome. We have two tables here – the list of file types was two long to include in a single table, so we’ve separated them for easy comparison. I love the look of the Fiio better, but that’s a nit. All the same, when it came to choose our favorite overall player, we kept coming back to the magnificent M7.

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Clearly, they should be treated as serious audio hubs.

Digital Audio Players:

The sound quality is great and it is a slim system, fitting well on digiyal shelf with big power. Instead, it will show the first song of the album played was playing before the device was powered off. The sound is spectacular with my Grado SR headphones. With 64GB of internal storage, and an additional SD card slot, you could fit an entire library on the DAP without any issue whatsoever. For more background information on digital audio players, see our comparison tables and buying advice below the picks.


DAP prices can be mind-boggling. We don’t mean to sell it short.

For now, this is a decent DAP that could use a little tinkering to make it truly special. Nothing for the price.

Expect a full review from us in the next few months. Only 3 left in stock – order soon.

The digitall thing to note about DAPs is unquestioningly their stupendous audio detail – Audio with a capital A is the name of the game. Ignore the name, which looks like HTML gone wrong.

This is really when balanced outputs can come handy and act as effective hum-destroyers, as we discussed in our breakdown of the 10 Most Common Home Theater Problems. Can be noisy with sensitive headphones. We really liked the controlled, punchy low end, as well as the super detailed mids especially on vocals and distorted guitars.

The sound playee is astounding.

Digital Audio Players

There’s no easy answer – they make such terrific players that it would be wrong to exclude them. Now, we have the Shanling M5, existing in its rightful place at almost the top of our list. This digital audio player has all I need.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Three weeks later, I completed the project. Newly-released models are beginning to feature USB 3.


Digitxl Link app is clunky. The digital tech spec is impressive, too, and most popular audio files are natively recognised and playable.

So why not take the jump? Superb sound, battery life and headphone amp power, Wi-Fi and playlist capable. The cool part is that many DAPs can be expanded in a modular way to fit a particular setup.

For that I have my phone or laptop This would of course be an unit which features even higher resolution DACs! What is an operating system exactly you might ask? We’re really looking forward to the Playfr M5San entry-level version of the M5.

In stock on January 1, I was recovering from surgery and it was a fun project at the time. The unit comes with the AM3A amp, which can then be swapped out – similar to the Q5 headphone amp – and each module features slightly different impedances, frequency responses and even physical connections.

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