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How are we going to process the requests we receive? I also tried scsidebugprint and assertmsg. While for some there may be some work involved, for others, this routine could merely notify Storport that the bus reset completed successfully. Email Required, but never shown. Interrupts can occur before this routine is called.

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After this notification, the operating system-specific port driver owns the request. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. But it did not work.

I ahve the source only and no debug environment. For example, if the resources that our miniport exports are present at initialization time i. Likewise, if netween resource is remote, we have to decide if we can communicate with it via the network or via some other driver that has access to the resource.

Miniport driver writers can make no assumptions about the values returned by ScsiPortInitialize. Your email address will not be published. One thing to keep in mind is that the setting of this field may vary with what your design is trying to accomplish. A model for system management and specifying management data Providers implement one or more instances of management objects Management objects have properties and or methods.

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. OSR would like to that Differrence Antognini and Albert Chen from Microsoft for providing us with the information needed to produce the Storport virtual miniport.


If the resource is local then we’ll have to decide whether we can use kernel APIs to access the resource Zw calls, memory accesses, or IRP based requestsor if we have to communicate betdeen a user mode application or service to get access to the resource.

Newer driver releases don’t have the miniport driver, just storport. We register this structure with Storport via a call to StorportInitialize. The interrupt is, in turn, processed by the HwInterrupt miniport routine indicated as ISR or Interrupt Service Routine in the diagramswhich receives the completed requests and begins the whole process again. If on the other hand our idfference are dynamic, then we’ll need to have a way to know when those dynamic devices have arrived or have departed, and notify Storport of those occurrences.

CachesData – the setting of this field to TRUE indicates that our miniport’s virtual adapter caches data and will cause Storport to notify the miniport when file system cache flushes or shutdowns occur. Note that the resolution of the system timer is approximately 10 milliseconds. When processing a request, our driver has to be very cognizant of what IRQL it is being called at.

The full SCSI port driver approach had the advantage of providing good performance, but was exceptionally difficult to write and was also neither supported nor eligible for the Designed for Windows logo.

Define the interfaces ie writing the MOF file Using scsiwmi. No real difference, and actually better storpor the MS driver.


How to Add WMI Interfaces to SCSIPort and Storport Miniports

Went back to the miniport driver and it is fine. Unfortunately we haven’t found any documentation to indicate what type of tracing is supported I would assume WPPor how to implement it.

If remotely, how do we get to it? I also tried scsidebugprint and assertmsg.

Once that is done, Storport interacts with our miniport exclusively via the routines that we’ve defined in the structure.

As a virtual Storport miniport our driver is required to support 5 entry points which betweem Given the inherent limitations of using SCSIport with high performance adapters for which it was not designed, Microsoft has developed a new port driver, Storport. Published by Willis Hicks Modified over 3 years ago.

windows – SCSI port vs storport – Stack Overflow

HwFindAdapter is betweeen first routine called by Storport. Each miniport driver must have a routine explicitly named DriverEntry in order to be loaded. Auth with social network: In addition, the miniport driver would not have to synchronize the execution of its HwStartIo and interrupt service routines which a virtual Storport miniport would not have in the first place. The Storport model is very good model for a virtual miniport driver.

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