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From a command prompt, issue the command “mpclaim -e” to display the vendor product ID string for the connected storage array. How do I clean that up? Configure hardware for MPIO. For help type inq -h. Thanks Tim for you most elaborate answer.

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In summary, this occurs because the arraycommpath setting of 1 creates a virtual LUN 0 for communication with the storage system. It is visible to a host, regardless of the raod system, when the Arraycommpath setting is enabled for an HBA initiator and that initiator does not see a physical LUN with an address of 0.

No adapters or disks. Look for the entry about half way down called Source IP: Without the LUNZ devices, there would be no device on the host for Navisphere Agent to push the initiator record through to the array. There are only slight variations for other combinations.

Get Support Create Case. The “-n” switch suppresses the automatic reboot.

It is possible that updates have been made to the original dgv after this document was translated and published. I have installed naviagent 6.


didk Sign in to vote. Monday, September 10, 7: Now, the only thing about this is that I have never tried this after I had built a cluster. Yes you are right this needs to be done before creating cluster but in my case somehow we missed this thing.

May be some one else at technet can help me about the after effects of getting MPIO on cluster systems. Rinse and repeat for each rakd. In order for a host to register successfully a special “LUNZ” device must be successfully presented to the host for every path that is zoned to the array. I deleted the other entries but they are back after reboot.

We have created a case for our Customer Care team to get you registered. From a command prompt, issue the command “mpclaim deevice to display the vendor product ID string for the connected storage array. Please type your message and try again.

You can not post a blank message. No devicd appeared in Disk manager or PP gui. Cheers Cheers Message was edited by: A way of getting around the LUNZ lun creation is to set arraycommpath to a value of 0.


Drivers >>> DGC RAID 5 SCSI Disk Device driver

From a command prompt, issue the command “mpclaim -s -d” and you should see the disks claimed by MPIO on the node. Get the latest Host Connectivity Guide for Windows – these is a section there that explains how to log on using a specific IP address.

The latest diek for supported operating systems can be found on EMC’s ftp server at ftp: Rescanning for new disks deviice not do anything either. Also, check the color of the icon on the far left side – it should be green – which means logged in, registered and in a storage group.

Driver needed during upgrade to r2 (DGC Raid 5 Scsi)

How do I clean that up? Somewhat weird since I have PP.

The special LUNZ devices configured on c t d0s2. I am using the same method as in my other working installs.

May 15, 2:

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