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And what ink is compatible with this printer? It is a dell printer and they know when it is the same cartrage. It has a low warning and a certain amount of fudge factor. I’m wondering if that’s what’s going on with mine Let me see whether it is a permanent solution.

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Answer is yes and it depends on amount of use an personality. I cleaned that metal place where the cartridge connects to the printer and did that really well for both sides. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but prinr cannot reply to this thread. I have the aa940 question 0. Here is one such method: When you remove the cartridge to fill it, and then re-install it, the printer senses that a cartridge has been replaced.

So heres hoping the rest of you that is having this problem can fix yours as easy as I did mine. I was not getting notifications of any posts to this thread for xell last year! Can anyone prin me what this means?

I had the same problem. The Dell cartridges are way out of line and I have used remanufactured ones for the last 3 or 4 times from the same company.


Does anyone know what causes this? I have found that replacing one cartridge at a time works when getting the 50c error. I printed a test page and it was BAD, with slurry colors and almost no crisp black showing.

I don’t really think you could print with just the color, although I’ve never tried it. From then on I made a point of removing the paper and folding the tray down after each use to keep from breaking it.

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Most because of their proprietory use. My hp printer has a memory for two cartridge serial numbers.

When an old one is put into service after installing two partly used or new cartridges which were then alligned, the memory for the old one was lost and it was reported as being full even if it isn’t!

Also, in response to it sensing cartridges you’ve used before, I find it only senses if you’ve put in the same cartridge as the last time. But then I did a little maintenance. I considered breaking off the little guide peg on the snap lever, but decided against it as it appears to help hold the cartridge in alignment. I don’t use the color one anyway, so my problem is solved. I know what is wrong.


I bought a reconditioned printer from Cartridge World. I’ve put a new one in but it keeps saying the same thing? I was told by a best buy dude to look up lexmark’s site because they make some dell printers?

dell A940 printer does not print since upgraded to windows 7

How satisfied are you with this reply? If this does not resolve the issue, try the troubleshooting steps for the other cartridge errors below. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have no manual to reference. I’ll stick with Dell for now. I’ve tried uninstalling and then reinstalling from original CD but now it won’t even re-install. Here’s how I fixed the problem. Prinr I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. And what ink is compatible with this printer?

You seem to be on to something there.

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