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Calgary appears to apply 5C encryption based on the program, not necessarily the channel. I don’t use any premium channels, and so 5c has become a non-issue for me most of the time. I have not run in to any problems with 5c whatsoever. Using the 62xx box I had lots of trouble with glitches every 60 seconds, but this box has been rock solid even with the VIA firewire chipset. LiveTV works well and box automatically powered on and changes to desired channel for a recording. No 5c channels YET.

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Patch with new IDs submitted to Myth dev team. Results 1 to 3 of 3. I got a firewire cable from Futureshop, on end is 6 pin the other end is 4 pin. Ptp does not work.

Hacking the Motorola DCT6200

I had a very hard time making the channel changing work through firewire Contact Us VideoHelp Top. DCT and Firewire: Find all posts by cclayton. I can tune to any channel that is active on the box.

If you have a Linux server then it should work and Apple is also supported out of the box, although you may wish to find and install the FireRecord program to do your captures under Apple.


Anyone know how to get Sage to always display like this for specific channels? The only channels that appeared to be available were the local networks, the live video portion of the TVguide and PPV preview channels, and the music channels with slideshow.

I did start having problems a couple of weeks ago, but turns out the cable company had moved some of the channels around and mythtv didn’t know about it.

Called cable company who said ports are disabled. This is a relatively new HD channel in the lineup too, so I’m hoping that 5C encryption on new channels isnt a new thing with Cox.

I don’t use rct for recording, just channel changing. LiveTV seems to have some instability but regular recordings work a treat. Thu Mar 23, 6: Quote message in reply?

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe [0xeff]. I am using 2 shaw dct’s with VMC not sage but I’m thinking about switching The firewire port IS active and will work for channel change and capture.

Working great in Broadcast mode P2P works just not as solid. The LCD display of the dct shows the digits flash by, as if dch going to change channels, but then it glitches and reverts back to the channel it was already on instead of changing to the new channel.


Motorola DCT | HDTV DCT

Enjoy the astonishing picture and sound quality of High-Definition HD on your HD television, plus hundreds of channels of digital cable and advanced furewire features with this convenient one-box solution. All non premium or Pay for view channels until last spring. Can’t test premium channels as I don’t subscribe to them. All times are GMT Fedora 22, Myth 0. Fri Mar 24, 9: How would it know if a tuner is present?

I am in Calgary with a Works in Broadcast Mode at megabits. I have no idea about HBO or any pay channels.

I have put hundreds of hours into trying all sorts of settings. Stupendous Man Ars Praefectus Registered: Wed Oct 04, 8: The TV has an input menu, and one of the choices is firewire, when I choose firewire it says it cannot detect the device.

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