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Virtual effects can be loaded into the mixer channel inserts allowing for individual effects processing on each track. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. This page was last edited on 23 December , at Particularly cool are the latest mastering tools: This product was originally developed and marketed by a German audio company called Creamware.

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Creamware (software company) – Wikipedia

There are a variety of virtual mixers in SFP ranging from the fairly simple to the extremely complex including some surround sound mixers. Sonic Core have acquired all Creamware hardware technology and a former Creamware engineer acquired the software code for products such as TripleDATestablishing a crewmware development company in India.

You can run out-of-the-box routines, or build dreamware own utilizing a simple-to-master set of toolkit utilities; if you have ever used a PC- or Mac-based graphics programs, for example, then SCOPE’s bundled utilities should pose few problems. The supplied library contains both finished applications, plus component modules.

Once the product is defined and tested, [developers] can start custom implementations. The number of virtual devices that you can load at creanware one given time is determined by the number of DSP’s you have installed.

Inthe company was acquired by some of the original product engineers who are now doing business under the company name Sonic Core. The software made by Creamware offered better visual handling of audio ‘samples’, sometimes called ‘clips’ or ‘items’ in similar software. The ability to prototype [quickly], with the option to involve users at an early state, extends the creative process for product development.


In creamwware projects Wikimedia Commons. Or the effects can be routed through the aux busses like a normal mixer. There were three distinct categories in the Scope product family which were differentiated by creammware number of DSP chips installed:.

Users can thus develop attractive-looking user surfaces for software functions, utilizing the tools provided by CreamWare.

We offer attractive OEM pricing on our hardware, a [cost factor] that makes use of SCOPE far more economic than [developing and innovating] custom hardware. Color, gradients, transparency, textures and text properties are also provided. And, because of the software-based nature of SCOPE development, customers can easily upgrade to enhanced versions at a later date.


In terms of operating software, CreamWare’s development team seems to have done its homework. This product was originally developed and marketed by a German audio company called Creamware. And cfeamware we all know, you creamwars never have enough stuff. Click on the thumbnail image above to see the bigger picture.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Technology companies established in Software synthesizers Modular synthesizers. These virtual instruments are controlled with any MIDI capable keyboard.

Creamware (software company)

Arpeg 01, Inferno, Lightwave, Prisma. Each device or element appears creamwre a separate box with it’s own inputs and outputs. But the flagship of the Scope synth collection is the Modular Synth: The regular SCOPE software contains all tools required for the development of signal processing systems with specific GUIs; an extended version enables users to take advantage of the system’s scripting level.

What makes your mind leap sideways, however, is the exceptional amount of thought that went into developing the programming environment so that non-techies like you crramware me can easily and effortlessly design our own, application-specific.


CreamWare SCOPE Overview

Via simple drag-and-drop functions, these and other icons can be moved onto the control surface and connected to audio modules, along with their specified range settings. If you’ve never seen one, click here.

October Learn how scpe when to remove this template message. The Scope Modular synth is basically a collection of synthesizer “building blocks” or modules that you string together to create new sounds – modeled after the original Moog modular synthesizer that artists like Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and those guys in Tangerine Dream used to play back in the early 70’s.

The idea here was that crewmware could choose the product combination that best fit your needs and budget. All internal busses are bit, with floating-point processing and eventual support for 96 kHz sample rates.

Vinco is a Universal Audio compressor clone. In terms of mixing functionality, SCOPE’s initial release includes a channel mixer with 16 program and eight auxiliary busses- additional mixers can be added via software to extend these capabilities. I guess the best way to describe Scope is to start with the hardware and then move on to the software side of things.

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