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Frontend specific questions are usually not covered here. What is this “unscaled” OSD about? Your soundcard does not keep it’s sampling frequency accurately enough, which results in audio and video getting out of sync and xine has to compensate. User may try one of those, but should be warned that with root access they can cause the system to crash hard. Looks like some colours on your GUI match the colour key which Xv uses. How do I submit patches?

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Once you got that you have to make sure the X drivers you’re using are supporting Xv on your hardware.

These links are provided for your information only. Don’t worry about this too much right now, xine’s configure see below will check for all the stuff needed and will tell you what’s missing which means that you should check the output it produces carefully.

Are you new to Donfigure. Audio is stuttering and i see a lot of “metronom: Most recent linux distributions like RedHat 8. Linux – Software This forum is for Software issues. My xine is runing in black and white! Can I watch Quicktime. Use the vcddump tool to find loops.


Did xine really crash segfault or did it hang deadlock? If all this doesn’t help, maybe you’re missing an audio codec or you found a bug. I have installed xine-lib but the frontend complains about not finding it! You got the Xv extension, but your video card cknfigure doesn’t support it.

xine(1) – Linux man page

Can I watch Windows Media. Also some Xv drivers contain slow copies and accessing the video card directly may yield performance gains. Starting xine crashes X, I am logged out of my desktop!

Your frontend should offer a VCD autoscan button or menu item. Well, first is there supposed to be a menu? Make sure you have not only xne shared libraries themselves but also the header files often packaged seperately as so-called -dev packages on your system.

The easiest way to handle this is to use the regionset utility from http: Making your own RPM packages xine-lib, xine-ui, gxine Making your own.

Find More Posts by klod. When you open the configuration dialog of your frontend, you should see a vcd config section.


How to create own xine subtitle fonts? If you are still using XFree 3. What do I need to compile everything properly? Until the cdio branch of vcdimager is completely merged with vcdimager, the cd-info branch version has a few more features. Unfortunately some OSS drivers seem to be broken because the can return strange values here.

the xine project – FAQ list

Having a problem logging in? Note that you also need confiure font which contains all characters from the given encoding. If you have a dolby digital AC3 soundtrack, you can try to enable liba52’s dynamic range compression setting audio. While the container format system layer ASF wmv is just an alias is fully supported in xine, for newer windows media 9 based streams you’ll need to install windows binary codecs.

You can do this by setting the configuration entry audio. The following explains how to get the above configuration going configre xine.

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