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Positional game audio always works best through analog connections. Here first, is a quick blurb about Chaintech. I’ve tried the card both ways and found Rob Williams Rob founded Techgage in to be an ‘Advocate of the consumer’, focusing on fair reviews and keeping people apprised of news in the tech world. There is not many extras in there, but they definitely wanted the box to look good and informative. Washing machine trip the breaker.

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It doesn’t sound like a hardware conflict because you’re still able to use the regular VIA outputs right?

Chaintech vt sound card driver

Still only got white noise. You should get output through the Alt.

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The speaker control tab allows for each speaker to be clicked. Audio specifications are always written to up sell the potential of a product.

The control panel has 5 tabs. Windows 7 X64 I do not accept support questions via PM “Those who would give up essential liberty to vard a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Chaintech drivers – Chaintech Sound Card Drivers

Clicking on any one of the icons across the top adds or deletes the appropriate number of volume faders. The AV package contains the card, install CD, a 5 foot optical cable and manual. Also be sure that you aren’t confusing upsampling vs. Now we just need to chaintch pengoo’s problem The “DTS test” is only valid and applicable for a sound card’s digital output. Originally Posted by gozu Anyways, I have a set of 2.


Chaintech AV-710 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card VT1721

Plus, all of these “bit-perfect” tests can be confusing International returns require buyer to cover all shipping costs. Are you looking for a quality sound experience at a great price?

The Advanced Control tab can give the user the ability to load this control panel at Windows startup as well as place the Microsoft speaker icon on the taskbar. Post 46 of AV Reset to factory default settings. To my surprise, friends kept telling me to get a Chaintech AV instead, which costs less than half of what the Audigy does.

There is not many extras in there, but they definitely wanted the box to look good and informative. Two other jumpers will control the swapping of the center channel and bass LFE channel. All I get is white noise from this socket it seems: Are we talking about the av using the vt chipset?


Which looks just like the Envy chip used on the more-extensively equipped M-Audio Revolution 7. This feature is aimed specifically for monitoring final outputs, and making master copies for budget conscious studios.

Carr Player Classic and so forth? But for now, i’ll just use the line out: This one is mainly for setting up the card without relatively untested tweaks.

If shipping this product it is highly recommended that you ask the retailer to open the box and pad the inside with styrofoam peanuts or rolled up paper as the card came to us freely rattling about the inside of the box.

Our processes are specifically designed to bring value back to our customers and reduce the amount of equipment entering the waste stream. If 2-channel sound is all that is required then run out to the nearest thrift shop and pick up an amplifier and a decent set of speakers. Chaintech ComputerMPN: Post 59 of

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