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For someone beginning on keyboards and basic MIDI stuff coupled with a keen interest from an individual to learn but with a set budget To me, it sounds like he wants to be talked out of “the easy solution” and into something a little less obvious An hour later, when the crowds had thinned around the checkstands, a new crowd had gathered around this shiny Christmas toy. I would stay away and get something else. The display now says “GM Mode”. The WK was the last of its model line. I think that’s just terrible.

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They do sell for cheap, but remember there is a reason they sell so cheaply, buyer beware!!

I’m a rank amateurlooks like I found a deal on this. The display now says “GM Mode”. Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 bit. However, you’re only going to outgrow it Share this post Midj to post Share on other sites.

Casio Wk – decent enough? | Harmony Central

So I sought out my local keyboard dealer, found the WK model with the disk drive, and after running it through it’s paces for a few more hours, knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Besides world peace, of course. And I had played my first gig of the Christmas season on a Casio keyboard in a discount warehouse! Hi Norimbulus, I have a WK by chance!!!

Try the Casio links page, or submit one here. My humble contributions to what could be considered music. Plus, it’s pretty ghastly looking with those speakers and all that printing on the “control surface. The synthesizer allows for two pcm samples per sound program, so the more wimpy sounding GM instruments can be fattened up.


I still have mine that I got in when I first started learning piano. The keys are pressed and depress as they should, and the don’t seem to hang casii using the keyboard as a standalone synth with no connections.

PM me if you can’t find them online and are interested. I’m definitely going to investigate Casio’s new MZ board when it debuts.

The excellent Roland DP-6 sustain pedal won’t work with this board. FYI, I prefer a acsio point rating system instead of four, because you have the option of using 3, average.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Its WK-3XXX successors, and their CTK siblings, introduced new sound and rhythm engines with cwsio difference to prevent the sharing of files between the two model lines.

WK-1800 Manual

I consider the WK sounds overall to be about average for a GM synth. Same keyboard except that yours has a 1. I’m definitely gonna order one. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The WK was the last of its model line. I have the instructions for my keyboard in pdf format and figured out that i need to set LOCAL in the wk’s settings on the keyboard itself, not on my computer to OFF.


Interesting about the headphone jack being the only means of disabling the on board speakers – that was the first thing I am looking up in the manual.

Wk – Other CTK/WK Models – Casio Music Forums

Even as a rank amateur, I assume you have some pride in your music. To me, it sounds like he wants to be talked out of “the easy solution” and into something a little less obvious I think I’ll load the different manual cxsio onto my kindle and spend the weekend just reading, maybe I’ll learn alot, maybe I wont remeber anything, but it’s worth a shot.

It was precisely the lack of patch and effects editing features that drove me on And, since its 76 note keyboard will drive any module via MIDI, it could serve as an ultra-lightweight controller board for those venues where you don’t want to lug the big keyboard hoss out of the studio-barn. That’s the part of Cubase you use to assign buttons or other controllers to functions in Cubase.

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