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No Max Playback Zoom: Canon 6D Mark II. Telephone assistance from a Canon Canada Customer Care representative free of charge during regular business hours at OK-CANON When you call, have your Product serial number and your date of purchase available to expedite service. Canon 6D Mark II. Barrel distortion at the wide-angle end of the zoom range is slightly above average, but pincushion distortion is essentially invisible at the telephoto end of the zoom. It allows viewing of recorded images from the Canon Powershot Digital Cameras.

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For both their capacity and rechargeability, we recommend purchasing a good set of NiMH batteries, especially the newest “pre-charged” cells which offer the advantage of a longer shelf life.

See price on Amazon. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

This charger kit comes with four AA rechargeable batteries powered by Nickel Metal-Hydride technology that’s free of the frustrating “memory” effect. A small but usable optical viewfinder allows me to frame images even with my glasses on, though its view is quite limited, only showing 80 to 75 percent accuracy from wide to telephoto, respectively.

This is an increasingly rare feature on consumer digicams, yet one that’s very handy when shooting in dim lighting or outdoors in full sun, where the LCD can be hard to see.

AA-size Alkaline Batteryapprox. The second camera is what I gave the attached rating for which I am pleased. Apple Mac OS X Easy mode differs from Full Auto mode in that the user has fewer options, and all settings are controlled by the camera. As companies seem to be cutting back on digital camera quality, Canon is the one that stands out as producing very good quality digital cameras regardless of the price bracket.


A7rIII – Severe banding and color blotching.

Canon A IS Review – Specifications

You can use Alkaline batteries and shoot around shots, or up to shots with NiMH rechargeable batteries. A IS vs Powerxhot optics are of good quality, delivering sharp images across the frame. IS allows users to shoot at shutter speeds up to three f-stops slower than would have been possible without IS.

For a detailed listing of specifications and features, please refer to the specifications table found at the bottom a1000 the review. Available in colors of metallic brown, grey, purple, and blue, the Canon AIS looks like another winner for Canon in the entry-level market.

It has an optical viewfinder when broad daylight and sunshine render the LCD screen useless. Navigate Review Jump to review page Chromatic aberration is remarkably well controlled, but some very minor color fringing is present, especially in the color transition areas between dark foreground objects and bright backgrounds.

Canon PowerShot A1000 IS

Just a press of the shutter button takes you right back into Record mode so you don’t miss any shots. Among the powrshot of cameras we review, they’re always surprisingly good, with great image quality and easy interfaces that deliver an excellent value. Shutter Max Shutter Speed. To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file.


Dark skintones are a little more saturated, but lighter tones are pretty spot on.

PowerShot A1000 IS Gray

Dimensions W x H x D. My Third Canon I like Canon equipment.

It’s not exactly easy to reach, since the Mode dial resides where the power button usually lives on other Canon point-and-shoots. The A received high marks from CR so I searched out other reviews from other sources. All other poewrshot and brand names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. Three new Canon Powershots.

PowerShot A IS Gray

DxO Color Depth Score bits: The A IS is available in muted shades of gray, blue, brown, or purple and has a solid well built feel. Show More Show Less. To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file. The Canon E1 is really aimed at people particularly females in their teens and under, the AIS will appeal to young males and adults cahon both genders.

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