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This modem was for mtnl and I have two modems 1. Thanks for the cooperation. Click on the add button to create a configuration. But the sad news is I am not able to connect to internet at all neither thru wireless not with a LAN cable. Please add to book marks and refer when needed.

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Uncheck all other applications appearing in Task Bar. It worked completely fien for 14 months, but one day the modem started rebooting.

Please answer my question eventhough u feel its a blunder… Thank you. Pl tell me how to configure to get internet connection in my Desk Top and to Laplop wireless simultaneously. Bsml have been using it to run broadband on my desktop using the LAN port Ethernet cable. FYI try resetting to factory default and then updating the settings from a backed up setting file gets tiresome when done manually if you really need to log on.

When the wires are connectes individually, i. Alright the first thing u must do while posting a query is be specific.

How to connect vonage adapter and wireless router to BSNL Modem (Sterlite Smartfax MT

Hello pls, every one notice me and pls guide the right way cause i have search 7 hours continues, n im gonna be mad now. Go to the Advanced setup menu and click on the WAN button. Dont forget to try out getting a free modem from bsnl by using their 8Mbps internet connection. In that case can I use only the router part of the equipment and if so how do I do it?


Bsnl is only good as long as it works.

Sterlite SAM100 ADSL Modem configuration for BSNL BB

The problem is I am not able to use both the Modem at the same wterlite. P, let me know plz. Generally BSNL authorities offer a modem but i would recommend you guys to use a modem from Dlink because its far more better in terms of stable connection and bwnl connectivity.

When I tried to connect magiclock and talk to Us, I am unable to get the other party and talk to them. It has a wireless and a wired port. Tell me the type of security you are using for safe guarding your wifi.

Hi, i have a doubt on static IP, We have taken stwrlite IP from Bsnl broadband, now we have shifted our office, and we have bsnl broadband but for other telephone number. Hi Poorvi, Loooking to ur significant activity on this blod I would seek ur help in changing the PPOE connection to Bridge connection could you please advise where to enter the UDI and Password in windows7 if I have selected wifi bridge connection?


I mean nothing gets saved on my modem… the problem emerged recently without any misconfiguration….

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

If your modem type I steflite utstar R2U see this link and follow instructions http: Can u pls tell me the step by step way to configure it again pls? If anybody know something about this please clarify. I tried wit http: Thanks sir for replying.

Hi i have been stelrite smartax mt modem for using internet the modem consists of one usb and one ethernet. I want to enable my WLAN settings. I was using it with cable so far. My thanks in advance….

I want to ask is the faulty modem repairable. How can I reset the password?

It was given through modem purchased by me. In any Modem there will be a diagnostics page.

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