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Many wireless cards depend on non-free drivers. Firmware package installed but wouldn’t connect. Connecting to a wireless network – SDB: Configure module rtsta to load at boot. Works out of the box. Blacklist ath5k as described on the madwifi page and reboot. Firmware for drivers b43 and b43legacy is installed with the command:

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For some device it is very important to note the hardware ID.

Package details

There is an excellent wikipedia page regarding chipsets and free software compatibility. Not out of the box.

When possible, it is preferable to use a native Linux driver. Information about editing the tables iwreless be found here in the source go to edit mode.

Do not configure in Yast. Here are a number of ways to find out. Connection configurated by YaST.

Using both kde3 and kde4 with knetworkmanager which will auto start the connection again on Wake. Oopensuse with 64 bits. Look for pci device ID c.

PackMan :: Package details for broadcom-wl

Better performance after installing madwifi. Must install package kernel-firmware. In most cases chipsets are not listed however. Let Gnome NetworkManager do its normal thing. When updating the HCL, please do check that the hardware continues to work as expected for the most recent release. This can cause problems for users as previously the manufacturers supported the card. Please note that if a piece of hardware was working with a previous openSUSE release, it is likely it will work with the most recent openSUSE release if it is based on a chipset with free software drivers and firmware if required.


Not tested unencrypted though. Note that the driver that you need depends on the chipset and not the make of the card. Recommend running kernel update to use hardware on openSUSE If the first command does not work for any reason, try the following command if you have a pcmcia card or an onboard card:.

Works right out of the box on Works correctly without any manual configuration. Configure module rtsta to load at boot.

You can also help by identifying the chipsets of the cards below and add them to the HCL accordingly. Download wifi-radar and it connects. Flavor of your running kernel i. Tracking down wireless problems – SDB: Search for it with Google or another internet search engine to find out which chipset is on the device.

Note that the chipset is what determines which driver you need, not the manufacturer of the card. Disable ipv6 in Bradcom. WGT works straight away using the ath5k kernel driver in I also read it should work with madwifi.


Carefully note down the Vendor, Device usually is your chipsetrevision, bus type, driver in use and any other helpful information. I’m not the only one so be cautios when intending to buy it for an WPA encrypted environment. You need to download the firmware, version opensuze.

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