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Also at boot I looked at output of iscsistart and it looks just like the one above. Yuri’s Technology Blog A collection of technical problems and solutions that I want to save for the future. I implemented a patch for this here: Comment 29 Mike Christie Comment 26 Jamal Mir Is that when the card is hba mode or non hba mode?

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Role of iscsi offload driver (bnx2i) – Stack Overflow

PuTTY and install the new drivers using the command. Michael Chan has asked some Jamal Mir twice to help me get my card working. This might help some people who stumble upon this page in their search for answers. And how do we solve this problem?


I will have to try this on Monday. The mac sysfs file prints out the MAC address we found in the ibft info. Comment 33 Laura Bailey The bnx2 driver is the networking driver; the bnx2i is the iSCSI offload driver; and the cnic driver is the broadcok that bns2i the features required by the bnx2i iSCSI offload driver.

(iSCSI) Configuring Broadcom 10 Gb iSCSI offload

The iscsistart log message above prints that out too. Sign up using Email and Password. Can you confirm that you see the same thing? Are there 2 Jamal Mirs there: Can I ask what your randomly occurring problem was?

Darren DeHaven 1 1.

Please refer to my earlier comment Role of iscsi offload driver bnx2i Ask Question. I checked the connection after target discovery and verified that the transport was set to bnx2i. One of listing was bmx2i following: Comment 38 Mike Christie Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Can someone elaborate on the data flow and dependency when using initiator and bnx2i? Comment 17 Jamal Mir Where do you see this? Check the network connectivity and firewall setup, and check esxupdate logs for details.

I know there have also been similar problems with Intel drivers on ESX i 3. Comment 27 Jamal Mir If you do iscsiadm -m bbroadcom -P 1 do you see the bnx2i offload port with that MAC?

(iSCSI) Configuring Broadcom 10 Gb iSCSI offload

Magnus Andersson 21 2. I used “iscsiadm -m session” command throughout. You can see a reboot is required. Comment 39 errata-xmlrpc Description Mike Christie

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