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BLE Update Tool v1. When you are successfully connected the Attach button should change to a Detach button and next to the button should be a green Connected as shown below. As long as the right COM port is showing the next step is to select the Attach button as shown in the second red circle. The last recommendation was to disable windows firewall but it didn’t help. This can be done via the icon on the desktop or through the program menu. We recommend you attempt the following steps. I then uninstalled again and rebooted.

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USB host interface Temperature range: Firmware is field upgradeable Application data can be stored on the flash Settings can be stored on the flash.

When you get to the website you will want to select Software Releases which should expand the section to list the software versions available for download. I’m not even sure what is a Bluetooth 4.

I had already tried to install the driver you suggested and as you anticipated it did not work. Some follow up questions:. I was able to use the default baud rate. Even after downloading the latest driver for BLED and with a regularly updated version of windows 7.


digitalhack’s blog: Bluegiga BLED Setup on Windows 7

Was the driver software ever upgraded? Bluetooth Smart Technology Presentation. Developing Accessories with Bluetooth Smart. Observe this example image of Device Manager. Replied Apr 086: The dongle fails to connect to the WeDo 2.

windowe We then brought a whole bunch of the BLED dongles to China windkws try and implement it there and found the drivers refused to install on any of their PCs. To download the software you will need to register on the Bluegiga site.

I was not able to figure how to determine which version of software is running on the usb dongle without downloading the software and installing it.

Thanks again for the reply and sorry about the Bluetooth typo I should have left out the word port. Also I have many examples of successfully uploading drivers for other products and have never experienced any significant problems. The hub cannot be bluegigz inside the WeDo Connection Center. If so can you direct me to where it can be downloaded? Let me know if you want me to try anything else or if there is some trick to get this computer to be happy.


When you are successfully connected the Attach button should change to a Detach button and next to the button should be a green Connected as shown below.

Replied Sep 15 And the low energy dongle still appears as not recognized on other devices in the device manager window.

Bluetooth Wireless Forum

Proven interoperability Minimal qualification costs. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to unstall it.

Bluetooth Smart Module Configuration Guide. What do I do? Replied Dec 301: This means that the BLED dongle is successfully installed. Replied Sep 163: Step 2 The cause may also be related to the specific USB port.

I then clicked update driver and selected the correct directory and it showed up with:. I then tried to do a fresh install myself. You can bledd112 to install the driver in the last SDK but I don’t think it will make any difference: Verify the Dongle is installed correctly:

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