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View 3 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: And I don’t know how. None of these work and they all give different errors. But unlike the people in that link, I don’t have an option in my BIOS to disable hotplugging for my array. Is there a way to add a delay to this?

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So how do I change the boot menu delay in ubuntu Say, run application 3 minutes into boot up? I am just getting into fedora and have installed it on an EMachine ET After I wiped off Fedora 13 and did a fresh install of Fedora 15 32 bit, the memory is reported as uu8548.

It is impossible to control CNC with such large jitter.

Biostar u audio driver

This time, Fed10 didn’t show in the selection box. I audoo also tried the following post which did not resolve the problem since it seems to be Ubuntu based. Here is my problem: Of course I found some information on the net but I didn’t found whether there are some advantages for me. I suspect that this problem with video related to Legacy Bios Rom option.

For instance, Firefox starts with 10 seconds of delay, Thunderbird with 30 second an so on. Why rebooting is not required in linux after installing an application even if related important files are running? I had a long black screen with no Plymouth Ubuntu logo boot.


Now this gave me some problems. View 6 Replies View Related Debian:: I’m running ubuntu on a macbook5,4, and I get a second long pause during the boot sequence.

Polaris 30 Audio 30 For Windows 7

It counts about 17, ns for few minutes, then it suddenly rise tons. It finished normally and got to the “click to reboot” screen. I am using Ubuntu marvic amd64 Could not find kernel image: I just installed Debian testing on my new ThinkPad Ts.

Reading this forum and elsewhere convinced me to try preupgrade. I had a variation of Ubuntu When I log into my ubuntu Is there any solution to this problem? I started it and saw Fed10 as an available upgrade path, selected it. I’ve installed RedHat EL4 update 7 kernel 2. The file share option is greyed out in Empathy. The list includes “Enter Command Line,” which when selected tells me “Boot failed!

Evo W542Pci Driver Download

When I changed this setting to 8 minutes, its jitter is 8min 15sec period. Or if anyone can suggest an alternative that is just as good or better and allows for a delay?


Apr 3, I have it set up to start my music player RBox and torrent program Transmission when I log in. When I start up, I’m still able auvio boot up into rEFIt and Grub2, but there is a big delay with the screen being black for about 30 seconds and the little white light in the left corner of the Macbook is blinking feverishly.

Any ideas as to why I can’t transfer files? I also am not sure about his current graphics driver, in Windows XP he could have his native screen resolution which was audip x or x, I’m not at his place right now so I can’t find that out. May 12, I am using Ubuntu, now installed KDE kubuntu and I have Bluetooth working and enabled but for some strange reason the bluetooth scan is not finding any devices in spite of the fact u858 I have my mobile phone with bluetooth on and discoverable.

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