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October 19, at The ignition coil also returns much more EMF that will destroy your circuit. March 14, at They are seem to be more efficient power wise.. October 27, at Thanks, Sorry to keep bugging you with questions like this but I like to make sure I am getting suitable components before I buy them.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Is a mosfet with a built in diode essential i.

That is helpful, I appreciate it. Great idea thoughbut i wish i had the time and money to rewind five 30Kv flybacks. Great posts, very good feedback from a lot of experimenters.

I built this circuit with a 12v 6 amp power supply. September 9, at It can properly run down to some kHz, not that I have tested it, but its an assumption based on time needed to switch state. Soive got myself interested in the ZVS driver againand dig out my old build.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Adding a inductive choke in series with the current transformer just dissipated the heat equally between the choke and the transformer, that is not much different than adding turns to the primary it will run at 1. They are seem to be more efficient power wise. Hi again, I have tried to convert a couple of my old flyback resonant units using s to mazilli but with little to zero success.


November 25, at Saattvik December 25, at The had blown ,easy fix i here you say ,well it was for about 2 mins coz then the FET blew!!!

If you need assistance, please send an email to forum at 4hv dot org. Sorry Andrea I forgot to mention I have 4 1k in parallel for each gate and an external linear adjustable source supplying 15 volts capable of 20 amps for them. Current draw is less than 1 amp when no arc; goes up to 4 amps with arc after touching HV wires. I will keep looking around to see what I can find, Cheers! Im getting a 5mm spark but no sound, it keeps sparking even when audio source is disconnected.

When you say the sound input aydio the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity? So when I Plug the 40v supply to the mains and turns the on, it draws a lot of current. The core was tiny,the windings made from aluminium, and used maximum flux density.


555 Audio modulated flyback

It is very hard to get it done but if it could be implemented it can guarantee the stability of the driver and save a lot of money and effort. Im really having a hard time tracking down a Flyback that will work. Which components did you use? I think 3 pairs of IRF at 15v input will be funny, the amp draw should be near 30A.

Powered by e Forum System. I can get a spark approx 1.

If you kept resistors the default value, you are indeed frying your zeners rather quickly, mostly due to overheat. Saattvik December 24, at Process to wind the secondary, using an thinner wire, follow the process above until your core completely fit the old core. That could modullated your problem.

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