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March 7th, Later I realised that hardware acceleration was not working. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. Reinvent your network with DevOps tools and techniques:

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I followed this directions: Hopefully someone else can test it. I have pulled in the latest main git repo and compiled the latest driver.

– [rsm] Graphics corruption with ati x

My box has a RS X card and Fedora 21 installed. May 28th, 6. In the terminal Code:.

February 19th, 8. For those that want the x200 as to what these BIOS options mean see the link below; http: Oibaf oibaf wrote on If you look up the specs of the RS this is its theoretical MAX addressable memory and so they back each other up.

Though the patch does not apply as is at least on the Ubuntu kernel. When Unity came up, it was sluggish and many apps crashed.


The mouse pointer becomes more and more detached from the title bar of the window as you drag and the window lags behind. Infrastructure as Code with Ubunth. Comment 70 Brian Ealdwine If someone does take up this task, make sure to reference this bug in the newly-created one.


Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. Its an holiday in the UK I can dedicate a few days of my time to this if it helps?

Comment 48 Alex Deucher Originally Posted by Jaded Misanthrope. I wonder if it’s an issue on Wayland, too?

AMD Provides Legacy Driver for Old ATI Cards

Works like a charm now, and I have the lovely Compiz stuff. Other than that my experience has been great with the vramlimit in place.

Does this workaround work for you? I avoid the terminal in instructions, unless it’s easier or necessary. Might be a better idea if you start a new bug even if it’s the same issue as this one.


AtiHowTo – Debian Wiki

Furthermore I got a problem with fresh installed Ubuntu, where the problem is the top-menubar, which also looks ‘striped’ that way and ‘defect’, but now I am back on Mint Comment 69 Brian Ealdwine Join our community today!

Ben threadstone wrote on There might be some other bug somewhere, but I don’t know what it is and where I should report it. Muhammet Aklan aklan wrote on Comment 25 Carl The version of xserver- xorg-video- ati: At the moment I have no idea how to reproduce this. Searching for BusID pci: Comment 35 axel

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