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You must log in or sign up to reply here. I was wondering more about other devices connected via WiFi. I don’t believe that the Atheros hardware is to blame; once you install the right driver, it works great, doesn’t it? The procedure is not as simple as it should be because Trisquel’s GRUB has a randomly generated password but it is not hard either. Im not to savvy with computer terms but I manage pretty well. I just cannot understand why manufacturers ship it with such lousy drivers.

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This was just a belief I had that doesn’t seem to be true, and was unrealistic.

Did anything ar55213 look or seem strange? Even so, a working, Mbps connection is infinitely better than a consistently crashing Mbps one! Problem solved It’s worth mentioning that the Atheros cards work beautifully when a good driver’s found.

Bus Device I’m very impressed with Trisquel and am enjoying learning how to use it. It eliminated the BSOD errors and my random connection drops. When some underlying kernel things changed, some people had trouble with their ath5k setups. Well, I’m off to see the wizard It seems to me that the software is assuming some sort of blessed handshake has taken place because certain steps have transpired without a problem.


I will clean it out and see. I have never looked too deeply into this issue, but the way I have come to understand it, the standard After applying the V4 driver you referenced in your post, the wireless adapter came to life and connected with Excellent signal strength.

Instead of freezing after a few minutes. Login or register to post comments 15 replies [ Last post ].

Can’t get Qualcomm Atheros AR5212 802.11abg NIC to work

Trying a newer kernel can’t hurt. A little zr5213 at times but it works. Many people had the error messages I had shown earlier and it seemed to start for nearly everyone at the point of an upgrade.

Under Linux, however, it should be a great choice though I haven’t tested that yet.

ath5k – WikiDevi

Hope to hear more about your core boot one day. I’m even confident enough that I’m typing this very message on this system now! Then added the Libre kernel shown a few lines down from here.

I dunno why but all the other Atheros drivers simply didn’t work right for me. Browse to the folder you unpacked the driver to, and select the. Recent donations Lionel Ougier-s Now, everything works fine! A lot to learn. Chris you may well have it correct that the chipset itself has issues, perhaps worsened by various software changes over the years that re-broke some earlier fixes. It seems there is a conflict in Network Manager, or between it and other programs it relies on, but only with certain devices of course, like my internal card; my usb wifi works fine.


I can check the dd-wrt forum, haven’t done that yet, but things are looking dim. Hopefully someone may know whether something is simply misconfigured or maybe knows for a fact that there are issues that cannot be addressed at this time given the age of my computer and wifi card.

Lines beginning with ” ” ar2512 ignored. These drivers have been pushed into the mainline kernel and things have tended to work very well for a very long time. Use Jockey to select one driver or the other. I opted to Install from a list or specific location Advancedthen Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install.

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